Saturday, August 20, 2005

WCB 11

Cat food bloggers unite every weekend and share photos of your gorgeous kitties with us!

If you would like to be included, just leave me a comment with your permalink! and add a "weekend cat blogging" tag to your post!

Doesn't Kiri look happy outside?Kiri loves it outside, and the last 2 times he was right out the back he jumped over the fence. Not Good. Perhaps I should just let him go? Am I holding on to tight, I don't know. So to counter it I have made a alittle (not that little) cat alley for Kiri to safely hang outside in the sun and he LOVES IT! How good is that? (And I don't have to let go just yet)

Literary Cat Quote : "The smallest feline is a masterpiece" Leonardo da Vinci

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Anonymous said...

See now if that were my kitty, I would so be catching her trying to eat the plants!! 

Posted by Joe @ Culinary in the Desert

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe
Kiri so eats the plants, just around the corner there are 5 cat grasses for him to nibble on!
So when is your puss going to participate? 

Posted by clare eats

Anonymous said...

Oh, where can you get cat grass from?

You can get 'cat runs' from petshops or actually get a proper one built. I'm thinking of doing this when we move out of our apartment and into a house. 

Posted by cin

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the hang of it :) This week, check out my longhaired princess, Kelly! 

Posted by Anne

Anonymous said...


Here's my entry: 

Posted by Dagmar

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
Oh Kiri looks so happy outside! And so regal, too. How sweet are you to build him his very own cat alley and  stock it with green munchies?! : )

Here's my link to a picture of Smudge: 

Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare!

I got some good photos of my orange boy, Miles, to share this weekend. Here's the link:

I hate to sound like a total buffoon, but here it is exactly do I tag my post? I've not done that before and am obviously showing my ignorance here... 

Posted by Alice

Anonymous said... url got cut off, it should be

sorry about that! 

Posted by Alice

Anonymous said...

Hey, Clare-my weekend cat blogging shows the kitten in an emergency bath situation!Emergency Kitten Bath  

Posted by Barbara

Anonymous said...

Kiri looks happy in his little garden. You're lucky that he just chews cat grass, mine will probably just attack anything green.

Here's this weekend's entry. I posted it earlier but forget to add the link to your blog. 

Posted by boo_licious

Anonymous said...

Here is my contribution, Abe reading with Husband: 

Posted by Lisa the Waitress

Anonymous said...

Kiri looks like something has caught his attention and ready to pounce on it ;)

Everytime my cat goes on he just chews on the grass and ignores everything else.

ps here's my link for this week's WCB albeit a little late 

Posted by PseudoChef

Anonymous said...

Cute pic! Got mine up: 

Posted by Sweetnicks

eat stuff said...

Thanks so much for sharing the cute photos of your kitties everyone! 

Posted by clare eats

Anonymous said...

I look forward to this every weekend! Maybe I'll play along one of these weeks... 

Posted by Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
I am so glad you are enjoying reading about all the little kitties.
Kiri & I would love to meet your cat, anytime you feel like playing along just let us know ;) 

Posted by clare eats

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