Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I know that there are many of you out there who are just like me. The tender pull of the dough as you bite into soft white pillow which you struggle to hold between two sticks. Then, when you have managed to take your bite a pillow full of steamy juice runs down your chin. This is the part where if you are like me no further explanation is required ;) . I am of course talking about chinese soup buns. I had never imagined that they would be so easy to aquire in Sydney. I am always being made jealous of all the dim sum that Kirk and his wife enjoy in San diego, but then so easily I spied these cute little mini pork and prawn buns at the Thai Kee Iga at Hay market. I figured that they couldn't be what I thought they were and even so they would surely not be any good. I have never been so glad to be wrong in all my life. We served them simply steamed, with some steamed chinese brocolli and Kim chi, which I of course know it isn't chinese but it is yummy and it was fresh too. I made up quite a nice dipping sauce for the dumplings, soy, fresh ginger, alittle kecap manis and mirin. Yum!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wcb 25, How cool is he?

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So you all knew just how cool Kiri is right? I mean he can Kayak, sail and wear a suit. But what do you think of his latest endevour? Yep he is learning to surf. I think that because he is so light he will need to move closer to the nose, but then he would be restricted to old scool surf styles ;) So do you think I am really brave enough to take him out in the surf?

So we decided to take Kiri for a surf, and as you can see he is a natural.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A food post by Me? Who would have believed it?

Ok, it is time for a whinge..... my hand hurts *sob* *sob* *sob*. The only good thing about that of course is that Casey washes dishes and listens to me in the Kitchen ;) hmmm, I wonder how long my hand will hurt for? (just kidding baby, when you read this xxxx you did a great job)

The whole plan for the dinner was to make something that I knew Casey would enjoy, and since I know of his undying love of potatoes I was fully understanding that they would have to play a major part in the meal! ( he would probably prefer mashed... but you can't let a boy have EVERYTHING he wants now can you?)

I liked how this all worked out, I got to chose the ingrediants, the cooking methods, the flavourings and do the work I was "capable" of with out any of the dirty work.... like scrubbing unwashed potatoes ;)

The whole meal worked out so well, I knew I would just have to post it, esp since the pork chop marinade was much better that I could have hoped for. But mainly, it was a simple meal that was very satisfying, perfect for the cool snap we have been experiencing in Sydney and the cooler weather that the Northern Hemisphere is putting up with as well. ( ha ha :P)

The pork chops were marinaded in a handful of fennel fronds (from a fennel bulb , sub in dill), 1 dsp of mustard, 1 dsp capers, 2 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper. All of this is finely chopped together and rubbed on the chops which were chargrilled ( or how ever you prefer).

The vegetable consisted of Kipfler potatoes ( I like there waxiness and flavour) 1 fennel, 1 red onion and a few zucchini, all coursley choped into similar sized pieces baked at 220C with some rosemary, garlic cloves, salt, pepper and olive oil. Roasted til tender and golden brown.

This whole meal was perfectly suited to a Jacobs Creek Sparkling Rose... :)

So, why not take a leaf from my book? Take a week off in hospital and having your loved one help prepare all your meals.... to your wishes! (not too bad a deal I say :) ) ha ha ha ha

I also want to thank everyone for there continuing wishes for my good health.... It helps immensly to know that people are thinking such good thoughts for you :)

I would like to thank Cathy for the lovely get well card I received in the post yesterday, it was sooo sweet and cute and cheered me up immensly, and was a huge suprise! XXXXX

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mums corned beef

I love the old traditional meals, I can remember my grandma making corned beef and thinking that anything that took that long must be good, and it was! Pictured here is Clare's mum's corned beef, slow boiled with onions, carrots, pepper and spices (mum's secret). Looking good on her country-style stained hardwood table.

This particular meal was especially slow boiled because we had to go to Casualty (ER) to get clare's badly bitten arm seen to. 5 hours later and the beef was falling to peices, while still being flavoursome and juicy. This was Clare's last meal before going into hospital again, and for a whole week that time. Thankfully she's been back home for a week now, but too tired to post this story so I pitched in for her.

The last time I had corned beef (years ago), was at my best friend Ben's Grandmother Maggy's house. She lives on a small farm in Bega, a country town famous for it's old (and still operational) cheese factory, in NSW, Australia.

Her old farm house is awesome, she has a rose garden out the front, a chicken coup out the back, and some cool old cars that will never run again. The power cables were put on the OUTSIDE of most of the interior walls, because the house was built prior to electricity. And every Sunday they have a roast for the extendend family, around the old dining room table with an open fire and a black and white tv, yes black and white in the 21st century.

My favourite was the cakes before the roast, chocolate crackles, honey joys (cornflakes in honey), butterfly cakes (in little patty pans), jam rolls etc... yummmmmmmmmy.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Why I am currently so sad to be an Australian

I used to feel proud that Cheeze Whiz was not avaliable in Australia, but now I have to deal with us having CHEESE SQUEEZE. What on earth is cheese squeeze? Well I am not sure but I don't think I want to know. I am so very very ashamed of you Devondale ..... But it does come in Nacho flavour :P

Saturday, November 19, 2005

WCB 24 - We are back in transmisson

Cat food bloggers unite every weekend and share photos of your gorgeous kitties with us!

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Well here it is, another WCB (alittle belated... sorry) But I am bringing you a picture of my boy, can you see that he is doing well and is still a very happy puddy cat? Well if you can't you should know he is :)

In the background is a bunch of peonies that my mum brought me, I wish they would grow here, they are so beatiful and the smell is unbelivable good.

I am much better, except that my left arm is a bit swollen where they gave me all the nasty drugs (boo hiss) .

I would like to thank Boo and Boo for the fabulous job they did in looking after WCB for me and the K man.

Hopefully , since I am feeling better I will get back to my regular blogging schedule!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Go Aussie, Go Aussie!!!

Congrats to the Australian Socceroos who kicked Uruaguay's arse to get into the World Cup!
The second time ever and the last time we were in was 31 years ago!!!!

Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI
Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI
Aussie OI Aussie OI
Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI!

Monday, November 14, 2005

My get well round up

I want to make a list of all of the posts that people made for me so that I can make sure I see them and anyone else can go check them out. ( They will be in alphabetical order)

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Clare is finally back in da house

(Baby Possum eats apple on my parent's back verandah)

Wow, Oh my WOW!!!!!!!!
All I can say at the moment is THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

All of you wonderful people, the 85 comments and the posts *sob* (tears of thanks) I am completely awe struck and so happy that I know such a wonderful bunch of people. When I was in hospital and Casey suprised me with the pages and pages of comments I was shocked and so happy! It definatley made my time so much better, I think I read them about four times each day and I showed them to EVERYONE!

Well I guess you want real news huh?

First up, I think you need to know that I NEVER EVER EVER considered putting Kiri down.... and I gave EVIL looks to anyone that dared suggested it...... the guy that took his dog for a run not on a leash, maybe.... but not Kiri, ever.

So yep, Casey was right. A big mean doggy ran up and scared Kiri. He completely freaked out and bit me.... 32 times on the thumb side of my wrist over top of the joint. I didn't really notice at first until I ran inside, Kiri let go and I had stuck my had under the tap. That is when I noticed all of the holes and all of the blood that was running down the sink (I don't think it was quite a pint though Mc Auliflower LOL). At this point I was still not quite thinking right and Casey was runnin around freaking out about the blood, it was everywhere. Out the front, down the hall, down my jeans, in my toes, on Kiri's faces and body (he looked like a horror story), his leash is still caked. Kiri was hiding in the laundry and shaking.

At this point, we were very lucky that my Mum called and said to drive for the hour and a bit to their house. I walked inside, she saw my hand and said I was going to Casualty (Emergency). I thought, they will give me a tetanus shot and send me on my way. Well not quite, I got the shot but also 2 different antibiotics I.V. and told to come in the next night. I woke up at 5 am sooooo thirsty and like I would puke, I walked around outside til my parents woke up, and couldn't eat or drink, my hand was swollen and there was pus already. My mum said i'll be fine (sure...)(She has been an RN for 40 years), she gave me some anti nausea drugs and I fell asleep. I slept for 5 hours, woke up felt better ate and drank alittle then felt ill again. I went back to Casulty the doctor looked at me and said I was being Admitted. I was in shock, this began my week in hospital. It was pretty crazy, I never really considered myself as "ill", but I really didn't feel to well.

One thing I sure do know is that.... hospital food is HORRIBLE, INEDIBLE, TASTELESS :P :P :P So much good food which was ruined. To give you an idea, I had my arm in a sling and a drip in my other bicep, my sister was feeding me and gave me some mashed potato, "mashed potatoes have to be edible". I shuddered. She took a spoonfull and laughed and laughed and laughed, she said it was crunchy...... LOL

I came home on friday, but my parents internet connection sucks, and is unusable. Plus I couldn't type, this is actully pretty sore right now... but I couldn't wait any longer.

So how is Kiri? Oh he is soooo fine, when I came home, he saw me, I picked him up and he rubbed his face on mine about a hundred times, I put him down he jumped back up, I walked anywhere and he followed, I sat down he was on my lap smooching me. So I guess you can say he missed me :) That was so nice :) I think my parents are glad that he is gone though LOL.. and their cats even happier.

Thank you all again, for the get well wishes. I think they really did work as once I started to improve I got better very quickly XXXXXXXX

Monday, November 07, 2005

eClare in hospital with cat bites

Hi guys, this is a quick post to let everyone know the site will be quiet for a little while as Clare is in hospital with some nasty infected cat bites, not to be confused with "Cat Scratch Fever", which I believe refers to a feverish self limiting disease.

The story begins as we were getting in the car to leave for a long weekend at my friend's wedding at Junee, in country New South Wales. Just as we got into the car a dog came out of no-where and attacked Clare and Kiri (who was in her arms). Kiri totally freaked out, and instinctively went on the attack, biting clare multiple times on both arms. Clare was rushed to hospital with 32 punchure wounds from Kiri's teeth and claws. Luckily Kiri's claws had been clipped that day so nearly all the damage was from his teeth.

Her right arm became badly infected and it is all puffy. Today is Monday, and she has been on IV antibiotics since Friday and is progressing well now. Hopefully she will be able to come home in a couple of days. Some people are telling us to put the cat down, but we won't have it. It was completely the dog's fault, which was running around un-leashed and who's owner was riding past on a push bike and did not stop.

We never got to the wedding on Saturday, so congrats to Lachlan and Emma Cook, my mates from HIgh School and Uni.

I will pass on any messages for Clare, and have access to a colour printer if you want to send on any eCards.... Casey

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Reshreshing Drinks!

I had to leave a food related post before I went away didn't I? hehehe
Well actually, it was rather warm here in sunny Sydeny today. After my walk, I needed a drink. A cold, refreshing drink. I am not one for drinking sweet sodas *Blurgh*, why would I, When I can have this? This is so refreshing, slightly tangy, alittle fizzy and cold, the perfect drink for hot, sunny days. The basic formula is so easy, some fruit, ice, mint and sparkling mineral water. This version contains passionfruit, lime, orange and mint leaves. Other good choices are strawberries and lemon balm.

If you find this too tart, alittle natural sugar like some apple concentrate would be the perfect sweetner. Please give this perfect refreshing summer drink a try, it might cause you to give up oversweetend sodas too.

WCB 22 - Boos house!

It might look like Kiri as asking nicely to go play outside, but this is what he wanted you to see. As soon as I picked up the camera he was sitting nicely at the door. Just before this he was jumping up trying to open the door. Yes, he can open the slding door if it is only open a little bit. Freak LOL....

Well, I hope he is a good puss cat this weekend as he is staying with his fraternal grandparents, sans parents. For some reason this sets my heart a shaking. I hope nothing bad happens. I think my mum is excited about him trying to sleep on her head. If only she knew LOL. hehehe

If you want to leave your wcb post please go visit Boo, as she is the keeper of the WCB flame for this weekend. Just think how nice it will be for the puss cats to go on hols in KL! Lucky puss cats.
Thanks heaps Boo & Boo I know you will both do a fabulous job :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

WCB - This Weekend

Ok puddy cat lovers and owners, I am leaving tomorrow afternoon, to begin my trek to a Wedding, which is a long way away and I will be gone all weekend.

The very lovely Boo ( the cat) and her mum Boo_licious ( the blogger) are going to be guest hosting WCB 22 all the way in KL Maylasia!

So if you want you puddy cat to be included in the round up leave your permalinks with Boo for this weekend!

Kiri will be appearing here tomorrow arvo... and I will check back in on Sunday night :)

Hope you have a great weekend, and I will be taking pictures of CAKE!