Monday, November 07, 2005

eClare in hospital with cat bites

Hi guys, this is a quick post to let everyone know the site will be quiet for a little while as Clare is in hospital with some nasty infected cat bites, not to be confused with "Cat Scratch Fever", which I believe refers to a feverish self limiting disease.

The story begins as we were getting in the car to leave for a long weekend at my friend's wedding at Junee, in country New South Wales. Just as we got into the car a dog came out of no-where and attacked Clare and Kiri (who was in her arms). Kiri totally freaked out, and instinctively went on the attack, biting clare multiple times on both arms. Clare was rushed to hospital with 32 punchure wounds from Kiri's teeth and claws. Luckily Kiri's claws had been clipped that day so nearly all the damage was from his teeth.

Her right arm became badly infected and it is all puffy. Today is Monday, and she has been on IV antibiotics since Friday and is progressing well now. Hopefully she will be able to come home in a couple of days. Some people are telling us to put the cat down, but we won't have it. It was completely the dog's fault, which was running around un-leashed and who's owner was riding past on a push bike and did not stop.

We never got to the wedding on Saturday, so congrats to Lachlan and Emma Cook, my mates from HIgh School and Uni.

I will pass on any messages for Clare, and have access to a colour printer if you want to send on any eCards.... Casey


Anonymous said...

Oh My Clare - Hope to "hear" from you soon! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Posted by KIrk

Kalyn Denny said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about this. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm very sorry to hear that you weekend was so unpleasant! I hope you'll recover from your injuries very soon! 

Posted by Rosa

Anne said...

Ow, ow, owwww! I'm so sorry to hear this Clare! Hope you'll feel better soon - and Kiri, too. It must have been a really, really scary moment for him. :( I had just ONE cat bite a few months ago, and it hurt like.. yeah, you'll know by now. Hope you heal up quickly!!

hugs from the Hufflepuffs Cats and Anne

Posted by Anne

it's only fuel said...

Oh no Clare! Get well soon:) I can't believe people actually had the nerve to tell you to put Kiri down. What lamers.....some people just don't understand. 

Posted by KT

Michèle said...

Hi Clare, Im very sorry to hear that you have been hurt! I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. And you know, people sometimes forget that pets are animals. Kiri's instinct was to get the hell out of there, and since you were holding him, he did what he could to get you to let go of him. So ignore the people who are telling you to put him down, pets aren't quite so disposable. In any case, we eagerly await your return, my thoughts are with you! 

Posted by michele

boo_licious said...

Get well soon Clare. Very sorry to hear about what happened and I know your instinct was to hold on to Kiri so he will not run away from the fright. Take lotsa care and I hope Kiri is also okay.

Lots of love from Boo_licious, Boo the Cat, Kits, Ally and Meow Meow.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Oh Clare, I don't know what to say. Tears are streaming down my face. Sending you the biggest, bestest e-hug I can, and lots and lots of healing thoughts. I bet they won't even let Kiri visit you in hospital. : )

Posted by farmgirl

Unknown said...

oh dear, what a terrible incident, do take good care of yourself and have a speedy recovery! 

Posted by eatzycath

Cat said...

Oh No what a horrible things to happen! I cant believe people would suggest putting Kiri down either, they obviously have no idea he would never do that in normal circumstances. Best for a speedy recovery Clare, we are thinking of you here in cheese land. take care :) 

Posted by Catesa

Farmgirl Susan said...

As Mrs Doubtfire would say, "Help is on the way!"

Posted by farmgirl

vlb5757 said...

Clare I hope that you feel better soon. I know this must have been a shock to everyone involved. Take your time recovering and give Kiri some time to recover from his trauma too. I am sure he was just as freaked out as you were. We are all thinking positive thoughts for you and hope you have a speedy recovery.  

Posted by vlb5757

Anonymous said...

Ahh.. Clare, sweetheart, get well soon. My prayers are with you!
Kiri must really freaked out to attack you like this.Poor baby. 

Posted by Indira

AzureLynn said...

No, mustn't put Kiri down. Poor fella was only trying to defend himself from the scary dog. Instinct took over - pure and simple. Now I am sure he misses his Clare dreadfully and doesn't understand why she's not home.

Sending healing thoughts, vibes and huggles to Clare, Casey and Kiri...

I have a bunch of kitties and understand how they can become animated cactus' in the worst possible circumstances.

Please return home soon -- healed and healthy. 

Posted by Heather

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare!

So sorry this has happened!! What I wish I could do to irresponsible pet owners...such as the likes of whoever owned that dog! Take care of yourself and take it wishes to you in the meantime!


Posted by Alice

Shelly said...

OH Clare! I am so sorry for you and Kiri....please take care of yourself and get better soon! Much love from Trina, Phoebe and me!

s'kat said...

Clare, I am so sorry to hear about this terrible incident! It's absolutely outrageous that the owner was so blithely 'unaware' of what happened.

I'm pulling for you to make a full, speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing you post again- from home.

Love to Kiri, and much thanks to Casey for posting an update. 

Posted by s'kat

Kristi said...

Oh no! Poor Clare and Kiri. Please get well soon, and don't listen to those insensitive, ignorant freaks suggesting to put Kiri down. He was simply frightened and acted as any cat would. Ugh-I can't stand people who don't understand animals' natural instincts. Take care of yourself Clare and get well soon! 

Posted by Kristi

Ziz said...

You poor girl! My thoughts and prayers are with you and hoping you have a fast recovery! *Kisses!* :D 

Posted by Alicat

kitchenmage said...

Clare, this is distressing news! Having a new furling of my own, I know how sharp those little claws and teeth can be when they are just playing--they are really painful when they're scared. More good thoughts coming your way.

I say Kiri needs two new outfits: one doctor's whites so she can come visit you in the hospital, and another as an animal control officer so she can go take care of the dog. *grin* 

Posted by kitchenmage

MizD said...

Huge hugs from here, Clare! Get well soon! 

Posted by mrs D

Kelly said...

Hi Clare, hope you feel better really soon! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Posted by Kelly

Nic said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your injuries, Clare! You have my best wishes - I'm sure you'll be well soon! 

Posted by Nic

Nupur said...

Dear Clare, I am so sorry about the injuries. Please take care of yourself and get better soon. My hugs and best wishes always...

Posted by Nupur

Cate said...

Had a comment here yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared. Sending lots of hugs to Clare and Kiri. Clare, best wishes for a speedy recovery. What a frightening experience for both of you.

Posted by Sweetnicks

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this scary event! Wishing both you and Kiri a speedy recovery!

~ B 

Posted by Culinary Fool

Randi said...

My sis's cat did this same thing to her too. She was holding him and a firecracker went off and he freaked and clawed her face. ppl said the same thing to her about putting him down, but she knew it wasnt his fault.  

Posted by Randi

cookiecrumb said...

I don't drop by much, but I'm enormously moved by the outpouring of love. I send mine, too.
I especially want to thank Casey for the updates. Word, dude.
Best wishes to Clare.
And: Bad Kiri!! But you are totally forgiven.
Be well, Clare.

Posted by cookiecrumb

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you, Clare and Kiri, and send our wishes for a speedy recovery. See you when you are back :) *hugs*

Anonymous said...

HI Guys,

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I will be printing all of them and related links and emails and take them to her in hospital, which we were shocked to learn doesnt have broadband internet or wifi *grin*

I saw her last night, and her arm is not quite as swollen so it looks like she is on the mend, but she will still need more time in hospital.  

Posted by casey eats

Unknown said...

oh Kiri Clare, how horrible. I hope you feel better soon and the wounds heal well.... 

Posted by Lindaz

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare! I am sending many, many positive thoughts your way, and for Kiri and Casey, too! Take care of yourself, do what the nurses say, and I just know you'll be all better soon! Love, Alisha 

Posted by Alisha

sylvie1950 said...

I am sending you get well wishes. A few days of IV antibiotics, then orals and you'll be home. 

Posted by Sylvie

Ed Tep said...


I hope that you have a very speedy recovery. 

Posted by Ed

Cathy said...

Clare - so sorry to hear about your injuries, I hope you're feeling better every day and will be home soon. I'm sure Kiri is missing you terribly! 

Posted by Cathy

Professor Salt said...

*Slips sambal olek, soy sauce, and Marie Sharp's XXXX hot sauce into email*

I don't know if Australian hospital food is as bad as it is here in America. When you're back home, maybe you can inform write up what the hospital fed you?

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery! 

Posted by Professor Salt

Sam said...

Hi Clare
sorry I didn't write sooner, I have been travelling with limited internet access and only just stumbled across the news of your accident. I am so sorry this happened to you, it sounds horrific, especially as it happened with Kiri and I know you both love each other so much. I hope you and Kiri are both feeling better soon. I am sorry you had to miss the wedding as well. I am sure that with Casey nursing you and all these virtual good wishes you will be on the road to good recovery in no time.
Lots of love,

(PS I was staying in a Parisian appt with no less than 7 cats yesterday and I was telling their owner about your cat blogging, so I was thinking of you before I even knew what had happened Here is a picture of one of them  for you) 

Posted by sam

emma said...

Clare - Hugs, love and best wishes from emma, Wellington the gourmand and Maggie the corgi in Tennessee, US -- we are all sending lots of love and good thoughts your way...and we hope you are home very soon!  

Posted by emma

Anonymous said...

Dear Clare, I have never commented on you blog before but have just stumbled over the note at sweetnicks. All our best wishes to you for a quick recovery !Gino my Golden Retriever injured me during a little fight when he was 1 year old and though it was not an accident but in this very second he did it on purpose I would have never put him down ! Both of us learned from this experience - and it meant a huge step for mutual understanding. I can understand you and I hope that you will be back soon - also to pet your kiri. What would life be without our animals. All best wishes, angelika 

Posted by angelika

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi Clare,
Just me, stopping by to feel a little closer to you. It's wonderful to read all the caring comments. And Casey, thank you so much for the updates. I hope somebody is feeding you well during all this. : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

Oh, Clare,
I am Susan's friend, a.k.a. "BB." How dreadful. People like this jerk should be put in prison and attacked by a rabid dog! They not only hurt others, but give all dog owners a bad name. I hope you can sue this horrible, ignorant person.

Just wanted to send you some healing thoughts.

Posted by Anne

Cerebrum said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about this, but hope you're already on your way to a speedy recovery! We're just on the subject of bites and infections in school at the moment - can I just say ouch again! My thoughts are with you and Kiri...

Posted by Zarah Maria

Anonymous said...

I hope your recovery goes well!
Take care! :)

Elise said...

pHi Clare, get better soon! Many blessings of healing headed your way... 

Posted by Elise

Anonymous said...

Clare, oh my, you poor thing! I am thinking lots of happy thoughts for you and for Kiri (poor kitty! BAD dog!) and know you will feel better soon. Perhaps then you can come home to a fabulous chocolate treat of some sort? I know that's what I'd want... 

Posted by Catherine

Anonymous said...

Dear Clare, Casey and Kiri,
I am a regular fan of your blog and Kiri, a dedicated cat lover, and just feel so terrible about what has happened to all of you. Sending you lots of wishes for a quick recovery. Poor Kiri...what a terrifying thing to experience. If it were me, I would be most anxiously awaiting the moment when I could go home and give my little furry friend a big hug and lots of pats.
A deicated food and cat lover from Cape Cod, Massachusetts,

Posted by Kitty

Anonymous said...

Dear Clare,

I'm sorry to read what happened and send you good thoughts for a speedy healing.


Posted by Paz

Anonymous said...

Dear Clare,

I'm really sad to hear about this unfortunate event. Soli (my Burmese kitty) and I send you best wishes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon, we miss you! :)  

Posted by Anna

emma said...

Just a bit more love and a few more hugs and licks and purrs from Wellie and Maggie, who also want Kiri to know that they hope he gets his owner back soon - they know he misses you and wants to help you feel better! Wellie says he would be happy to come to Australia to keep Kiri company - he has heard that there are big waves there and he adores water. Maggie thinks it's a bit far but sends a paw and a lick instead (oh, and a milk bone if you or Kiri want one).

Posted by emma

Anonymous said...

That's awful! I'm so sorry to hear about this, Clare. I hate thinking of you being hurt and Kiri being so traumatised. Whoever suggested putting Kiri down is just plain *&%$#@ stupid and insensitive. If I were in your position I would rather be the collateral damage from my babies' defensive attack than have any dog hurt them. Hope you recover soon and hope Kiri is ok too.  

Posted by tfp

Ramona said...

Hi Clare...I've never posted on your site before, but come here via Farmgirls site. I have checked out your weekend cat blogging, and think it is absolutely wonderful!
I am horrified that your cat was so frightened that he hurt you, but clearly, it was unintentional. It sounds like you and your cat had different ideas of how to react. Yours to protect, his to flee. It's nobody's fault, and Kiri is probably missing you like crazy!
Wishing you well from Toronto, Canada
Speedy Recovery! 

Posted by kross-eyed kitty

Ange said...

Hi there, thats really sad news to hear & hope Clare gets back to normal soon

I too am a cat lover & glad you didnt listen to everyones comments on havign Kiri put down - cant beleive people can even think those thoughts

If you want to check out my Mojo - go to

Posted by Ange

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, Hope those scratches heal soon and that you get over the shock.Kiri must be in a state too.She must have been frightened out of her wits poor thing.People are crazy to suggest that she be put down.
From Goa, India (right now)Get well soon and get back to post us all from your blog.

Posted by deccanheffalump

Reid said...

Hi Case,

Please send my prayers to Clare for a speedy recovery. I'm sure Kiri never meant to hurt her.

Anthony said...

Never understood the thing with cats but all the best for a recovery. Gah infection sounds horrible, take lots of care and the best of postive thoughts your way. 

Posted by anthony

boo_licious said...

Hi Casey

Farmgirl and I discussed - we will be joint hosting WCB this weekend, a very special one for Clare and Kiri to get well soon.

Announcements will be up tomorrow evening (sydney time) or tomorrow morning (usa time) on our blogs. For the rest of you regular WCBers plus whoever wishes to join us, you can send get well greetings, flowers, chocolate and anything else you can think of to cheer Clare and Kiri up. More info on our blogs tomorrow.

Boo_licious and Farmgirl

Laurie said...

Oh My God! My best wishes to you and Kiri. I have been injured by a cat bad enough to see a doctor, and was told how dangerous it was but I never knew how bad it could be. Much admiration for you for sticking it out in order to protect Kiri. Of course you would never put him down. How absurd.


Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

It's Thursday here now, Clare's worst arm is much less swollen now. IV antibiotics seem to be working well now, but progress was obviosuly slower than we had all hoped. They are saying that she could get out of hospital tonight, or maybe tommorow, so I am very relieved.

Thanks again to everyone for the AMAZING eCompassion. I have taken the first half of these comments to clare and she has read them over and over and over. Hospital food in Australia is reeeaallly bad. I tasted some of her pumpkin and it tasted like it had been steamed for 5 days... totally tasteless. 

Posted by casey eats

Babe_KL said...

am so sorry to hear about yr predicament, clare. wish you speedy recovery. hugs & kisses... 

Posted by babe_kl

Anonymous said...

Clare, I am so sorry to hear that you were hurt! I do hope you're doing better. Take care and rest up- I know you'll be back to us soon! 

Posted by tanvi

Anonymous said...

I was shocked when I read about this on farmgirl's blog and then amazed when I saw the the responses!! I am horribly sorry that this has happened. Wishing you good thoughts.
Casey are you sneaking her some treats?

Anonymous said...

Clare, I'm so sorry to hear about the accident!!! It must have been a shock for both you and Kiri, and he must have been so scared - poor cat.

I hope that you will get better soon and that they treat you well at the hospital. Take care!!!

Lots of hugs to both of you, from Dagmar, Yoshi, Tanuki and Bowser in Sweden

Daffy said...

Hello Clare!

I am really sorry to see that you are not well yet. I wish you all the best for a quick recovery!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Casey, I'm glad Clare's getting better. 

Posted by Kirk

rae said...

that is so awful!!! i hope kitty and mum are doing well. at least you saved kitty from doggy, though.  

Posted by rae

Anonymous said...

Oh my word!!!!! My heart goes out to you, Claire. Can't wait for you to get back home to Casey where you belong. You do have me in suspence over Kiri's wellbeing. How is he?

posted by keeper

Anonymous said...

Oh, hugs and kisses to you Clare! And warm salves, and happy kitty purrs too. :(

Did you ever catch the Reuters article about the man with the cat and the parrot... real story and ment to give you a dose of healing giggles:

Licking His Wounds 
Elderly Man Loses Pint of Blood in Cat Attack 

Q U E B E C C I T Y, Canada, July 13 — An elderly Canadian man was recovering Thursday following a savage attack by his pet cat, which drew four carloads of police, two ambulances and an animal control officer.

Gerard Daigle, 80, lost a pint of blood and required stitches after his cat Touti, a diminutive roughly meaning Tiny, launched a frenzied attack after Daigle, who was giving his pet parrot a shower, inadvertently sprayed the cat with water.

"I have never seen anything like this in all my career," said Guy Theriault, an animal control officer at the Society for the Protection of Animals in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, half way between Montreal and Quebec City.

"It was a real carnage: there was blood all over the place — on the the ceiling, the floor and the walls. The cat was really traumatized by the water," Theriault added.

Cat Had a 'Troubled Past'

He said the cat has since been euthanized and had had a troubled past.

Daigle, who lives in Trois-Rivieres, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

The animal control officer said Daigle was saved by his 81-year-old wife who wrestled the cat away, only to have it turn on her.

"The cat wanted to eat her, too," one newspaper quoted Daigle as saying.

The couple managed to chase the cat into the bedroom and slam the door. Police responded in force because they thought they were dealing with a domestic emergency.

It is not known why Daigle was giving his parrot a shower. 

Posted by McAuliflower

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, I hope you're doing better now and that you'll be able to work things out with Kiri (who I'm sure is very apologetic) and return to cooking soon! We all miss you! 

Posted by Melissa

Anonymous said...

Clare, poor thing, what an aweful experience! So traumatizing! I hope you are making a speedy recovery to perfect health. You are lucky to have Casey looking after you. We miss you.

Posted by Brett

Rahel Jaskow said...

Oh, Clare, how awful! I hope that you'll be completely recovered soon.

And I agree that it wasn't Kiri's fault. He was spooked and couldn't help himself. The dog owner who didn't keep his dog leashed is responsible.

Posted by Rahel

Sam said...

Clare - as we still haven't heard a peep out of you, I hope you will be home soon.
I couldn't do a cat blog for you today in the end but i promise i have one lined up for the future.
sam x 

Posted by sam

AzureLynn said...

Hello Clare, Casey and Kiri --
Seems I am not the only who's checked in to see if there are any updates! Hope Clare is healing and returning home soon. I know everyone has missed you dreadfully. Am looking forward to reading about Kiri and trying out interesting recipes -- for example that refreshing one you posted right before the fateful weekend started.
Please update all of us as soon as you comfortably can! In the mean time -- everyone will be keeping you in healing thoughts and prayer!
*Huggles from Texas, USA* 

Posted by Heather

Anonymous said...

Uncle Casey

Where is Auntie Clare and Kiri? I hope they are well as I miss them. This weekend, lots and lots and lots of kitties want to see them, brought them flowers, cake, s'more treats, hearts and etc to make them feel better.

Lots of love

Boo the cat

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, I heard about your accident thru Kirk's blog and I just wanted to wish you a speedy and healthy recovery!


Posted by Pam

Anonymous said... the comment above shows, not even a stint in the hospital can stop the spammers from attacking...

So sorry to hear about this. I am glad you are better now. Leashes, they are a good thing.


Posted by Rachael

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, clare! i just saw this. wishing you a speedy recovery. hugs and prayers -- stef 

Posted by stefoodie

Anonymous said...

Clare, Iknow exactly how you feel my 3 year old female cat Evie escaped frome the house last night.I knew she was going into heat but I never thought she would hurt me.She had been outside once before when she was 6 months and came home pregnant, I didn't want that again.She had been out for about 15min. when I finally got her but she was scared and freaked out on me and bit me and scratched me about 15-20 times put me in hospital.They gave me a perscription for antibiotics and sent me on my way.Hope you feel better. 

Posted by Lee-Ann

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