Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wcb 25, How cool is he?

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So you all knew just how cool Kiri is right? I mean he can Kayak, sail and wear a suit. But what do you think of his latest endevour? Yep he is learning to surf. I think that because he is so light he will need to move closer to the nose, but then he would be restricted to old scool surf styles ;) So do you think I am really brave enough to take him out in the surf?

So we decided to take Kiri for a surf, and as you can see he is a natural.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please. It's so obvious this is a fake photo.

(Of course if were actually real, it would be one of the coolest cat pics I've ever seen. But it's not. So it isn't. Bummer.) :p 

Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

Sooooo FG
How do you think I faked the shadow? I am no fx artist like some people :) 

Posted by casey eats

Anonymous said...
I know Kiri could surf, no matter what the naysayers might think. If it is a fake picture, well. it just means that you are an artist! 

Posted by Linda

Anonymous said...

Wow...Kiri is one *amazing* cat! 

Posted by Stephanie

Stephanie said...

Kiri is one amazing cat!

Is there anything your kitty can't do???


Anonymous said...

Kiri must impress *all* the girl kitties when he takes his board down to the beach. 

Posted by Nic

Anonymous said...

Here's us!! :) Very cool picture! 

Posted by Anne

Anonymous said...

Kiri is welcome to join Bat-Cat on Phi Phi island shore at Les carnets de sbmarie :) 

Posted by Marie, Paris

Anonymous said...

here is babaganoosh after worshiping at the alter of his eminance - the turkey. 

Posted by aria

Anonymous said...

It's too cold... sooo-ooo-oh, here's a memory of a slightly warmer day - that lazy kitty, Houdini rests on His Way to Mr. Shed  

Posted by the Robot Vegetable

Anonymous said...

Kiri is de man! Here is my WCB entry for this weekend: 

Posted by boo_licious

Anonymous said...

our cats are undergoing martial arts training while yours learns to surf: 

Posted by Cin

Anonymous said...

All I can say is....Kiri-bunga, dude!! :) 

Posted by Jeff

Anonymous said...

Our submission for this weeks weekend Cat Blogging! Thank you for hosting it again! 

Posted by Heather

Anonymous said...

Hello Clare!

I am so glad you are back with Kiri (sorry for being late about that, I hope everything is ok now)!
Here is Vodka who is looking at you carefully. Isn't she scary? :) 

Posted by Cel

Anonymous said...

I have a WCB entry on my site.  

Posted by heather

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that I missed WCB! It was so crazy last week! That is an adorable photo of Kiri!  

Posted by Dawn

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

please please take him surfing.
that would be awesome!! 

Posted by wendy

Anonymous said...

Hang ten baby. 

Posted by Jane

Anonymous said...


Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

Kiri is the coolest!

Meanwhile, Gigolokitty has been retelling A Christmas Carol. So far, he has given the Spirit of Christmas Past a nervous breakdown . Hang on to find out what happens next! 

Posted by Gigolo Kitty

Anonymous said...

Kiri's so cute..:)she's a winner!10/10 

Posted by Sailaja

sailu said...

Kiri's so cute..:).She's a winner.10/10

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