Saturday, November 19, 2005

WCB 24 - We are back in transmisson

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Well here it is, another WCB (alittle belated... sorry) But I am bringing you a picture of my boy, can you see that he is doing well and is still a very happy puddy cat? Well if you can't you should know he is :)

In the background is a bunch of peonies that my mum brought me, I wish they would grow here, they are so beatiful and the smell is unbelivable good.

I am much better, except that my left arm is a bit swollen where they gave me all the nasty drugs (boo hiss) .

I would like to thank Boo and Boo for the fabulous job they did in looking after WCB for me and the K man.

Hopefully , since I am feeling better I will get back to my regular blogging schedule!

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Anonymous said...

Rima and Nala are so happy to see you both at home and happy :) Very cute nest Kiri has!
The two furry Parisiennes have flowers ready for Kiri and Clare at Les carnets de sbmarie 

Posted by sbmarie

Anonymous said...

Okay, not only have you put our ugly blue cat condo to shame with your ultra sexy animal print cool shaped one, but Joe and I both want to know just how on earth you can have a dainty musical instrument and a vase of flowers next to a CAT!  Or even in the SAME HOUSE as the cat!  

Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

What Farmgirl said. In our house, those flowers wouldn't last five minutes!

Squirt checks out what's for dinner (hopefully) at

The fish just grew big enough this week that he realized that they were there! 

Posted by Laurie

Anonymous said...

Clare, darling, I hope you are continuing to get much better. This is my special one-off entry  into WCB just for you. Sorry it is a week late.


Posted by sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
Kiri does have the best house! Glad that both you and he are doing well.
Here is mine for the week. 

Posted by Linda

Anonymous said...

.."Weekend Cat Blogging" at: Eat Stuff!
Post Title: A Long Day on the Set
Excerpt: After a busy day shooting the re-make of Frantisek Vlacil's, "White Dove"...
Personal Note: Oh-my..(Butterscotch (Boy) adores little "Clare, there.") 

Posted by mensa barbie

Anonymous said...


Glad to know everyone is doing well! That cat condo looks fabulous. Gigolokitty  might have asked for one for Christmas but right now he is positively shattered by the early Christmas Gift sent by Santa.


Posted by Gigolo Kitty

Anonymous said...

Minna was our flower-eater, so the flowers would make it. And actually, Zak has his shakuhachi and Native American flutes and bamboo flutes out all the time, and guitars and didges and harps and drums--and thus far the cats have not destroyed anything.

Glad to hear you are on the mend! 

Posted by Barbara Fisher

Anonymous said...

Clare - I am so glad to hear you are back. What a horrid way to spend the week! I know it isn't the same thing, but I had cat scratch fever once, and the anitbiotics I had to take (Cipro, what they give you when you encounter Anthrax) made me SO sick. I don't envy you at all, but I'm glad you came through.


Here's mine for the week: 

Posted by lisa the waitress

Anonymous said...

Hey, Clare, Lucky's playing with his favorite toy, and he wants to know if Kiri can come out and play? Here's the link.  

Posted by The Countess

Anonymous said...

Auntie Clare, you are back! I am so happy. Big sloppy smooches for Kiri who has such a nice bed. Here is my WCB post for this weekend, do adopt this kitty as I don't want to share my life with it!

P/s I enjoyed hosting WCB so no problems as long as you and Kiri gets better. 

Posted by boo_licious

Anonymous said...

Here's Kelly, sharing some of the limelight.. although it's actually Glinda's birthday today! 

Posted by Anne

Anonymous said...

Looks a lot like my cat :D So cute :) 

Posted by Lee

Anonymous said...

Alright, So happy you're doing better! This week recovered a long lost photo of Gabriel's Extra Long Tail  although to be perfectly honest, he has twice been deposed for the Extra Long Tail Crown, but the photo was named betfore the qulaity fell off, so what the heck. Here's a b&w version I made for the comment/entice/links-to-carnivals-et-al post at Far Cartouche. Moments from now WCB-24 will be mentioned too! 

Posted by the Robot Vegetable

Anonymous said...

Woo! Welcome back to WCB Clare! 

Posted by Joe

Anonymous said...

welcome back to WCB! 

Posted by Cin

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
So glad you are doing better. Take care of yourself. 

Posted by Kalyn

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling more the thing, Clare. Hope I'm not too late for WCB. Here's my entry: 

Posted by B'gina

Anonymous said...

We are checking in a bit late for the Weekend Cat Blogging posts but Xannon and Marlin playing are finally here...
our permalink

and "Heather's Space" link

Thank you for hosting us Clare! So glad you have returned safe and sound and sliding back into the routine!
I had a cat bite once and I remember how nasty it was. I was not put in the hospital for it thankfully, but its a "NO FUN" trip!

*huggles from Texas, USA* 

Posted by Heather

Anonymous said...

I'm late too, this was just too cute! 

Posted by aria

Anonymous said...

the bunnyfoot is glad you're feeling better: 

Posted by rae

Stephanie said...

Hi Clare!

Late, but still here; it's Macroom and his hiding place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare!

Late, but still here: Macroom's hiding place. 

Posted by Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
Glad you and Kiri are getting back into your normal routine. And I love peonies too. I didn't know they didn't grow in Australia. Huh. Anyway, welcome back once again! 

Posted by kristi

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare -- WELCOME BACK!!!!! Wellington (better known as Wellie) sends his love and purrs and, of course, a standing offer to come down under to hang out with Kiri!
Here's the link to his rather sophisticated portrait...

Glad you are back!
Emma at moderngirlskitchen 

Posted by emma

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love the idea of Weekend cat blogging! Here is a link to my blog: 

Posted by ME

Anonymous said...

Hi I liked your blog..Keep up the good work  

Posted by Sunkiran

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