Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lasagna made of bread?

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dave said...

we are printing your recipe now will give it a go by the way your roasted coffee is great

Clare Eats said...

Hello M & D,
You didnt need to tell me that :P
Have you bought a popper yet?

Michèle said...

You know I had to come looking for the bread lasagna recipe that you mentioned! It sounds really really good! The last week has been a total revelation for me on all the possibilities of stale bread. Who would have thought!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Michele

When I saw it, I was suprised too.. when I tased it I was sold, it was awesome. The original recipe just had mozzarella instead of the cheese mix I made up. But I liked it like that, and I just used up leftovers.

I thought if you can get awesome stale bread... you should give this a chance.
let me know how it goes

esther said...

hey, this looks awesome. I used to be a bit grossed out by the idea of bread cooking but my mum turned me around. She makes all those Italian dishes like bread soup, bread salad and a garlic and bread dip. Plus we always have so much stale bread in my house because my housemates are incapable of finishing one load before starting another so I reckon I'll try this.

glad to stumble across your site via yr comment. yum.

Clare Eats said...

Hi Esther :)

The bread lasanga is great.
I hope you like it, let me know please

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