Saturday, July 16, 2005

Childhood Memories MEME

Well I definately have to start his post with a big, I AM SO SORRY AMY. But see here is my post like a good girl, alittle late but still here.

Since Amy is such a lovely person with great food morals and has sent me a prize! For winning her fun seafood poetry contest, how could I not do this??? Anyway this is why I feel so bad....

So what is the deal? Well you have to write about your 5 Childhood foods that you miss, well this is hard! Why only 5 Amy? Why?

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Childhood Memories
1.Choc Mint Minties

Oh Wow! I almost forgot about these, we used to get them from N.Z. (yes that is an awesome lolly that we couldnt get!) My Mum used to bring us back a bag each as kids. Why did you never release these here Allens ?you bastards!

In case you dont have these in America here is a picture of the original version that is still easily avaliable

2. 'Hamburger with the lot'

We used to get a hamburger with the lot from the local take-away. The problem is the shop has since closed so we can partake in thier version of Aussie Hamburger perfection no longer.
This is a sample shot so you can see kind of what I mean, but these ones were better!

FYI the old standard Aussie hamburger with the lot: Beef patty, cheese, bacon, egg, beetroot, grilled pineapple, tomato, lettuce, fried onions, sesame seed bun and TOMATO sauce. Available everywhere in Aus, before some crap US chain came.

3. Making Indian with my little Sister

When I still lived at home, my mum brought home an Indian cookbook. This book inspired my sister ans I so much. We would get home from High School and spend the next few hours preparing and Indian feast for my parents. An Entree (appetiser to you crazy Americans who dont know french!) A couple of currys, a few raitas and some flavoured rice. It was great! The recipes where full of spices, chilli and ginger and garlic. We had so much FUN!. I really miss doing this with you little sister. The best part was that mum would get home from work and be so happy :) hmm I have to make some of those recipes, there are discussions about who actually should be in possesion of the book going on for the last few years.

4. Oma's Apful rice and custard! or Milk Rice and Custard and apful mousse

My sister and I loved having dinner at Oma and Opa's and having this for dessert! hmm I think I need to pay Oma a visit (and bribe her to make this for me ;)

5. Oma's Butter Cream Cake for birthday's
When we were kids, Oma would make a butter cream cake. It was sooooooo goood! I think I have written about this before... 3 layers butter cream, cherries or pineapple. Yum! and she never makes it anymore... But I hardly ever got it for my birthday as it is in december and it would be too hot. I was always so jealous.

A new question courtesy of Me!

What is one food that you never ever wish to have again from your childhood?

When I was in 5th grade we went on school camp (this is for you farmgrl!) and we went with another primary school that was considered disadvantaged. Because they were disadvantaged the goverenment gave them lots of camping equipment and this is why we went with them as we had none!
When it came to dinner we were dished up a spoonful of instant mashed potates, a spoon full of dehydrated peas and 3 chicken nuggets. The first day I thought "yay mashed potatoes!" Then I had a mouthful, blurgh what is this crap? I have never liked it since then, I guess that's what happens when you grow up on the real stuff. To make matters worse we all got, I mean about 60 kids got food poisioning and there were only pit toilets!. It was horrible. I remember getting off the bus and my mum being shocked at how much weight I lost.
Ok now I get to tag 3 people!

Reid cause I know it will involve spam :P
Michele cause you must pay to be my friend LOL!
Lyn cause I want to here some more about the beautiful place where you grew up!
Stephanie cause your wish is my desire :)

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Farmgirl Susan said...

LOL no WONDER you were shocked when you thought I liked instant mashed potatoes! That's probably what poisoned you on the camping trip! : )

Great answers and informative as well. Never heard of pineapple and beets on a burger before. Guess I didn't know what I was missing until now! : )

Stephanie said...

This is one meme I'd like to be tagged for...I already know my answers to the good and the bad...

eat stuff said...

Hi Farmgrl, a burger with the lot is good!

Yes I despise instant MP *shudder* I think the food poisioning was probably because the kids did the washing up themselves in buckets of water.. GROSS! but it shore doesnt make me like "you know what" anymore!

Hi Amy!
I am so glad you did, it is lots of fun, and you get to remember all sorts of things you (I) had forgotten.

Hi Stephanie
DONE! ez..

Anonymous said...

Hey Clare! "The Lot" sounds pretty awesome. I've got beets ready to pull in my garden right now. How were they prepped for the burger? I also have some incredible "Black Krim" tomatoes that I can hardly wait to slap on a burger. Not to mention a BLT!

eat stuff said...

The beets are pickled... normally tinned but fresh pickled would be fantastic! The Black Krim tomatoes sound great too! If you make one I would love to see a picture!

Reid said...

Hi Clare,

This is going to take me a while. I'll try to have this up in a couple of days if it's possible.

eat stuff said...

Hi Reid
that's ok :) it took me a week...

Anonymous said...

alright, i'm going to try pineapple on my next burger!

eat stuff said...

Hi ann
you have to grill it first :)

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