Sunday, July 03, 2005


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Well isnt this a suprise? No Kiri (althought there will be cute grey kitty pictures soon, maybe even in a canoe sans life vest Michele :) ) This is Taffy he is a Red Burmese that Casey has had for a very long time and he lives with my outlaws. He is 17 years old and is having to put up with the litte grey kitty for what might be a very long week. So I thought I should put a picture of him having a rest... cause he isn't going to sleep this well in quite awhile :) .

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Farmgirl Susan said...

Oh oh oh! He is absolutely adorable! What a wonderful picture. Everything about it is perfect. I wonder if he is as spoiled as my 18-year old Gretel. She has me giving her (literally) about ten treats a day. You know, every bite could be her last. . . Last night I said I'll probably be falling for this trick for the next five years at least!
P.S. Outlaws? :)

eat stuff said...

hmm taffy spoilt :)
He goes on trips to the snow, gets fresh fish cooked for him... yep he is spoilt. He is such a gorgeous cat and one of the main reasons why we decided to get Kiri. He is getting alittle grumpy now though, but if I was that old I would too. lol Outlaws... that is what a friend said "Your going to go stay with the outlaws?" .. definately no offence meant

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi again,
Okay, I have Taffy and Kittaya up and linked. Oh he sure is gorgeous. So. . . we're the only 3 WCB? Hmmm.

I like the "outlaws"--too funny!

eat stuff said...

Hi Farmgrl :)
Yes it is a problem Lyn from Lex Culinaria did post pics of her 2 cute kittens.... but she hasn't yet this weekend...

Kiri is feelng that his desire to take over the world of food bloggers needs a concerted effort! MEOW!
you can leave too... if u want... but I like it, it gives me an excuse to put photos of my baby up :)

Michèle said...

17 years old? That is one miracle cat. He may not have a life vest but you did bundle him up nicely in the duvet. He looks deliriously happy :)

Anonymous said...

Clare - He looks like a one happy cat. 17 years old, still that healthy? wonderful.

eat stuff said...

Hi Michele
Taffy's pretty cool
Kiri got up this morning and ran around the house trying to find him lol...

Hi Indira
He has alittle arthritis, so he doesnt like to be picked up as much but he is still very happy and healthy.

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

I tried to pose Frenchie with a variety of eats, but she didn't feel like posing :) So I had fun with a kitty montage instead.

Frenchie Eats

eat stuff said...

Hi Mc Auliflower! Frenchie is gorgeous, I am so glad she decided to play with out kitties this weekend... she can play anytime she want.

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