Friday, July 01, 2005

EOMEOTE #8 short dramatic works YIKES!

I am with lyn, where are all the EOMEOTE entries, I couldnt let her entry suffer alone? So here is my slightly different interpretation....

The story of how egg saved the day.

It had been a long week, and an even longer night. They should have known better than to play the Iron Chef drinking game. Even though they had only had shots of port, it had still gotten really really messy.

The only reason that this was being contemplated is because of a little grey cat. The little grey cat had become so frustrated at the two sleeping dreggy people that he decided the only way he was going to get his breakfast was by playing his favourite game "bounce on their heads". Run run run Jump boing boing. Run run run Jump boing boing. "Ahh WTF???" said the very sorry for herself girl. Run run run Jump boing boing. All right, allright I get the picture... so she stumbled out of bed and realised that the only way to cure the pounding in her head was with a big greasy fry up.

But dear reader she had forgotten that they needed to go shopping, so there was no bread, non bacon, no orange juice, no milk and only 1 egg.

OH NO! she cried! how can I make a nice greasy breakfast to soothe our aching heads and stomachs and our serious desire for some eggs and bread with only 1 egg. Some time passed and after a few glasses of water her head started to clear. Yes, Yes thats it I've got it! Buttermilk Pancakes! There is an egg there is some flour so it is like eggy bread! That will do it. 1 egg, 1 cup of buttermilk 1 cup of flour 1/2 tsp of salt, baking powder and bi carb soda. Beat it all together. Fry. Maple Syrup. *sigh* Done. The lone egg could still save the day.

So she took the buttermilk pancakes to the boy and he began to eat and all started to became good in the world. Except for the little grey kitty who felt even hungrier than before as he had been completly forgotten about. Run run run Jump boing boing. Right into the plate of Buttermilk pancakes.

*No grey kitties or plates of delicious buttermilk pancakes were harmed in the making of this terrible short dramatic work*


Nic said...

Pancakes save the day! I'm hearing the plot for a children's book, Clare!

eat stuff said...

Hi Nic :) lol... I wish *sigh* pity its so crappy

sylvie1950 said...

I also looked for posts for EoMEoTe # 8. Maybe everyone is egged out since the IMMB eggs event.

eat stuff said...

Hi Sylvie They must be :)

Anthony said...

Eggs, just so damnably handy.

Soon soon people, dunno what Jeanne's up to, I think she's over memed.

There'll be something soon, I'm sure, I'm sure. I've got writers block or something. Eggs are hard but writing is harder. Hmmm good good, now let me see...
My my Lady Sugden these boiled eggs are hard.
Not as hard as writing I hear my dear Clarence.

Farmgirl Susan said...

LOL Clare,
You crack me up! So sick and yet you still made adorable heart shaped pancakes! :)

eat stuff said...

Hi Anthony
I am roflmfao! Ohahahahaha

My My clarence what did you do? Me Lady Sugden? It was not me! These eggs are as ripe and over the hill as your writing!

Hi Farmgrl :)

I am so glad I made you laugh.. but what makes you think it is true? Or is it? lol

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you make heartshaped pancakes?

Wonderful post!!


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