Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nasi campur, what is it good for?

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Suebob said...

Maybe a restaurant with the first five letters of Putrid in its name should be crossed off the list...In Hawaii I went to a terrible thai place called Sukkothai. I was telling someone about it and they said "It begins with Suck for a reason."

Clare Eats said...

I think I have to agree with you there.They only put the Nasi Campur part of their name in really big writting though. I was so mad, we should have had an awesome time...

pinkcocoa said...

hiya Clare
I have never been to nasi campur when I was still living around in the area. Maybe you can do a post on ayam goreng next time ;-) It's not one of my favourite restaurant but I know a lot of people like the ayam goreng there. I personally love their sambal. And oh! There's also Pinangsia and Fajar. :-D

Clare Eats said...

Hi Pinkcocoa!
I have never been to Fajar? I looovee Pinangsias Nasi Hainam Ayam so so good!
I think Ayam Goreng would be a good place to review... esp for newbie's who have never had to write there own order out!.

I think that the restaurant I reviewed used to be called Nasi Campur before too? Very confusing.

Anonymous said...

I think the place used to be called Bakmi Ayam Jakarta (or something similar). I went to Putri Kenanga during its first week of opening or so. Never got to taste any of their foods. I went in there, waited for 10 to 15 minutes for the table to be cleaned up but they never got around to do it. I figured, if it takes that long for them just to clean the table, I can't imagine how long it'll be before the food comes out. I left after standing 15 minutes inside without being served.

Clare Eats said...

It was in the first week when I went as well, the service was shocking! But sadly enough the food was much worse.

Anonymous said...

what the?? are you serious?? its the best indonesian restaurant that I've ever come. I went there last week with my friends, and we are all really satisfied with the food. make me hungry! The serving was also alright. The nasi campur putri kenanga and bakmie ayam jamur were the best. I ordered 2 bowls for bakmie ayam jamur.

I waited for a while because it was so crowded! everyone wanted to eat at Nasi campur Putri Kenanga. 

Posted by margareth

Anonymous said...

yeah! Nasi campur putri kenanga is really great! and the service was so good as well, one of the worker poured us a wine that we bought and he took a special glass for us. I think the service was so good thus it was so crowded. The food was also nice. it's a worth waiting......I might come there again this weekend

O yeah, I remember the server name because he was really kind to us...hmm steve or steven I can't remember it really well though 

Posted by Jason Dim

Anonymous said...

Hi Margareth and Jason

Well hopefully Nasi Campur have improved because when we went the service was terrible and the food was worse and really low quality compared to every other indonesian restaurant we have been to, and that is quite a few!


Posted by clare eats

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