Monday, October 17, 2005


So what do you do when you are unpacking, and you need an easy lunch? JAFFLES!!!! or toasted sandwhiches as the case maybe :)
These were great, Smoked tasmaian salmon, homegrown rocket, capers, spanish onion, fetta, perfect. In the jaffle iron for a few minutes and out comes an awesome sandwhich a perfect way to refuel whilst taking a pitstop :)

*Note: this is a small post in the blog scheme of things, but this sandwhich is just to good not to post *drool* ... but I have quite alot almost ready to go.. including information on the oven and wether it is good, bad or from the land of infinite sadness ;) so stay tuned!!!!*


Anonymous said...

Clare - Looks delici-yoso!!! Such a classic combination of flavors and texture. So, are you feeling a bit better? 

Posted by Kirk

Anonymous said...

Wow, without the (you know what's coming, don't you?) cheese, these look awesome, Clare! I'm very curious about that new oven. :) 

Posted by amy

rae said...

jaffles!!! are they an australian thing? i fell in love with them while i was travelling in indonesia and nobody seems to know what they are over here in this part of the world. is the jaffle iron like a sandwich press? oh that toasty, crispy tell! 

Posted by rae

Anonymous said...

Yes Clare, what are jaffles? They sure look good!

Posted by Melissa

Farmgirl Susan said...

I don't care what they taste like. I want a jaffle iron just so I can say the word 'jaffle' out loud over and over and over.  

Posted by farmgirl

eat stuff said...

Hi Cara
Yep it was yummy! I am almost finished unpacking :)

Hi Kirk
4 sure! I am feeling much better now :) YAY!!!!

Hi Amy
It would be really yummy without the cheese too :)

Hi Rae and Melissa
Yep I think they are a sandwhich press or toaster, I had NO IDEA you didn't know that name LOL. you put the bread slices in and it presses the bread into triangles and heats it up and makes it all toasty. YUM! You can also buy cast iron jaffel irons that you take camping that coook in the fire. Tres cool

H Fg
Well If I ever come visit you I'll bring one in my suitcase LOL :) 

Posted by clare eats

Reid said...

Hi Clare,

You're back! You're back! YAH HOO! =P Now that's a sandwich. E-mail me with your new address so I can send the box off. I haven't had time to bake the cookies yet, but I'd like to get some of this stuff off to you right away! =) 

Posted by Reid

Joycelyn said...

hi clare, only you could make something so simple look so utterly divine and special! hope the unpacking is going well... 

Posted by J

eat stuff said...

Hi Reid

THANKYOU!!! so much :) I so agree about the sandwhicch!
ok wilco ! 

Posted by clare eats

eat stuff said...

Hi J
that is such a lovely thing to say! Thankyou :)

Almost there, I bought a beautiful bunch of mini gerberas to spark the place up :)

eat stuff said...

You haven't tried a jaffle?
I bought my jaffle maker from coles for $12, when our old one died. mmmmm jaffels :) 

Posted by clare eats

joone! said...

Wow! That looks great, and i love sandwiches, i would love to have that! 

Posted by joone!

Anonymous said...

and have been keeping an eye out for one for years - can anyone tell me of a place in the UK where I might be able to get my hands on one (once you've had a real jaffel, a toastie is just a disappointment!!)

Posted by caz sole

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