Saturday, October 08, 2005


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Hi Guys, well no I am still alive, just. I haven't decided to pack up blogging altogether, just been trying to move whilst sick :P. But, this is not the time to talk about me, this is "the K man's" time. I was trying to defrost Kiri's meat for him and I put it in the sink, a safeish place for it to be. Kiri decided he wanted a "Meatsickle" and proceeded to lick it from there! Crazy.

He has adjusted very well to the move, this place is much longer and he sure can get some speed up running down the hall!

I might put some more here later..... xxx

Check out the sticky situation that Muse has gotten herself in at


Anonymous said...

Good day Eatstuff. It's 2 a.m. in Paris and I am very proud to be the first to postt... Today I am introducing RIMA, one of my two cats. Check her out in Les Carnets de Marie  

Posted by Marie, Paris

Anonymous said...

Here's one from our cat photo vaults: Pekoe, scoping out his own personal outdoor dinner table .

Hope you feel better soon, Clare! 

Posted by mrs D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiri & Clare,

Tasha & Bella got chicken necks as a treat this morning! Here they are:

Posted by Cin

Anonymous said...

Big changes in the neighborhood, but nothing I've seen yet. However, you can be sure that Houdini Watches For The Two New Neighbor Kittens . 

Posted by the Robot Vegetable

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Clare. Glad that Kiri de man is A-ok after the move!

Here are my dueling kitties for WCB: 

Posted by boo_licious

Anonymous said...

My cat NĂ©pal is waiting for you : 

Posted by Claire emma

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah, here's darling little Glinda again :) Have a great weekend Clare!

Posted by Anne

Anonymous said...

such a naughty boy but so irresistably cute :) Tigger is up today 

Posted by Catesa

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
Oops. I put up a post saying the cats and I were hosting WCB 18 since you and Kiri are busy moving. I'm going to post my pic in a bit and will come back here for the links. Didn't mean to take over! Good to see you and Kiri are online, even if he is being a bad boy. : )

P.S. Yippee!!!! A lovely new home for you!!!!!!!! 

Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
Here is a link to pictures of my two cute kitty monsters.
Those two "devils" drive us crazy (my boyfriend & I), but they are sooooo irresistible!....

Posted by Rosa

Anonymous said...

They always find it, don't they? I hope your move is going well. I hate moving, so I don't envy you. Will you be building another outdoor shelter for Kiri?

Here's my contribution for the week:


Posted by Lisa the Waitress

Anonymous said...

Romeo loves him some mohair!  

Posted by Beau

Anonymous said...

Good luck with moving, sorry you are feeling sick. That's a horrible combination. Meatsickle...hmmm...that Kiri is a smart one!

Here are Chelsea & Spencer again -- for their first WCB has left them hungry for continued fame!

Posted by michelle

Anonymous said...

Here is Agnes:
Sorry moving is happening to you right now... I just sent you an email about blogging by mail, but I understand if you don't have time to get to it. Good luck! 

Posted by Linda

Anonymous said...

Here is Miss Kitty! 

Posted by Joe

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better and dont stress out with the move! I know easier said than done!

This is a sweet little stray that I rescued and she needs a name. 

Posted by Indy Foodie

Anonymous said...

Hiya, hope you get through the moving ok.
Kitten pictures at my site this week: 

Posted by tfp

Anonymous said...

Here's my belated entry :)

And get well soon! 

Posted by PseudoChef

Anonymous said...

clare - i think you are a superwoman!
i hope you manage to relax happily into your new home.
I am sick at the moment too and couldn't imagine moving under the circumstances. Working six day weeks and overtime is bad enough with a hacking cough. Hope you feel better soon. I think, at last, I might be over the worst and I hope you are too.


Posted by sam

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a little bit indiscreet, but here's my Lolita :
have a nice day

Posted by Manoue

Anonymous said...

Kiri and a meatsicle. How cute! Jumbo shrimp are $5.00 off at the grocery store, so we're going to make shrimp won ton this week. Lucky loves shrimp, so we'll buy some extras for him. He eats his shrimp, and then licks the plate where the shrimp sat. Lucky says there can never be too many shrimp. 

Posted by The Countess

Anonymous said...

Here is Oreo . She's sitting around with her tongue in her mouth for a change. She likes to stick her tongue out at everyone. She's really cute when she does that. 

Posted by The Countess

Gigolo Kitty said...

The Gigolo Kitty is writing his memoirs . He has gotten into trouble with a former flame though..... 

Posted by Gigolo Kitty

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