Saturday, October 29, 2005


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So this is THE WEEKEND of Kiri's first Birthday Party, I can't beleive my boy is all grown up (almost) *sob*.
When it came to deciding what on earth Kiri would wear for this very important photo shoot, well I had no clue. Actually, I did. But, I kept changing my mind. First it was a pirate, then FG asked me about the eye patch and the parrot. Oh, I thought how to deal with that? So I decided on the next best thing. The min criterior was that it had to show off his sleek physique, tank top? Too Casual, Superman.. NAhhh. Suit.YES! That's it!

So here he is in all his birthday splendour!

Now isn't that just the cutest, EVER!!
For this WCB, I have uploaded the photos at high res, so click on them to get a bigger image.


The last guest have just left the party, I am exhausted so there will be lots of food pics tomorrow! And a few cute ones of Kiri!

Check out the very shy Squirt, who made a huge effort to come today, pats Squirt! at Slowly she turned
Check out Bella and Tasha with there lovely plate of sardine Pastries. YUM! How did you know it was Kiri and mine's favourtite? at A Few of My Favourite Things
Check out Boo, taking over to make presents and help Kiri Celebrate! Thank you! At Masak Masak
Check out Miss Kitty, sharing her toys with me for her birthday! Isn't she generous? at Culinary in the Desert
Check out the lovely card that Trina and Phoebe made for me at Indy Foodie
Check out the champange and pumpkin cake that Rima and Nala made and fought over today for Kiri, WOW. at Les Carnets de sbmarie
Check out Glinda all decked out in her party finest with her sister Gisele to that party at Anne's Food
Check out Pixel and Billy Lee all dressed up in there finest sitting gear, they sure look spiffy at the Food Pornographer
Check out Jazz sharing his water, Tigger bringing his favourite olives, and Lixue sharing her favourite toy (and admitting she has a crush on me *swoon*) at Look Honey, I cooked
Check out Maruschka: an imposing teddy bear! at Rosa's Yummy Yums
Check out baby lucky, he decided to bring toys and shrimp, my favourite! at The Countess
Check out Bowser and his stylish Bow and the Awesome flowers Tanuki brought for me! Thanks guy's at a cat in the kitchen
Check out the little black cat who was enticed to the party for some food at Kayak Soup
Check out all the guys getting along for the party, AND they brought Pumpkin Cheesecake! YUM at Restaurant Widow
Check out the AWESOME Tuna Cerviche that Nic, Phoebe and Dusty brought and all enjoyed to the big Party at Bakingsheet
Check out Le Gros Noir who likes to follow his mum everywhere like me! at Lali et Cie
Check out all the Kitties wishing Kiri a Happy Birthday at Love and Cooking
Check out Mrs Cat Chairman Kaga style and the resplendent feast at Belly-Timber
Check out Patchy Cat who wanted to come... but got "held up" at Farmgirl fare
Check out my wild cousin who wants to come visit at Farmgirl Fare
Check out Miss Domino who was too shy to come to the party at Farmgirl Fare
Check out Tinker rolling in the dirt (she might have had a bit to drink at the party.....) at Middle Fork
Check out Caramel, the youngest p-a-r-t-y animal here! at Heathers Space
Check out Butterscotch and Stella hugging on the bed! at my party! at The poor cracklins
Check out Toejam, and his bow, Earl and his hat and the presents and the food at Socalfoodie!
Check out all the kitties, resting, relaxing, napping, pretty much having a perfect kitty time at Tigers & Strawberries
Check out Kittaya, what a stylish guy he is, just like me! at Mahanandi
Check out Charlotte being the cute ktitty she is! at My Adventures in the breadbox

Check out Vodka and the beautiful flowers she has brought for Kiri, what a sweetie! at Cel's Home Page
Check out the caviar, they toys (both kiri enjoyed immensly) the donation to charity and the naming of the nameless one at Kitchen Mage
Check out Luke and the WDB round up at Sweet nicks


Farmgirl Susan said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Oh Clare, this might be the best WCB photos yet. Though I don't know, The Sailor Suit Edition is a real favorite of mine. And then there's the Cardboard Eating phase. The flowers are gorgeous. Kiri looks splendid. But, Clare, please don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks Kiri is about to tear off that tie and strangle you with it! : )

I love these photos. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kiri! Relax, guy, and take off the tie! It's time to cut loose and P-A-R-T-Y! : )

P.S. I literally cannot stop laughing. You two are CRAZY! I love you! : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

eat stuff said...

Actually, he didn't mind mind until I told him to sit up about 100 times!

So glad you liked it! It took so long to think of something to equal the sailor suit! 

Posted by clare eats

Farmgirl Susan said...

Just back here checking out the pics again. "Debonair" is one word that definitely comes to mind. Oh that is one ultra sexy cat. Meow! : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

boo_licious said...

Wowee! Er, if Boo the cat sees this outfit, she will do a double swoon. She has stolen the keyboard again....

boo_licious said...

ooops, we forgot to wish Kiri, Happy Birthday! Will check in later for more pixs.

Anonymous said...

Where is the suit?:)
All handsome, Kiri is looking radiant. Happy b'day to sweet and naughty boy Kiri. 

Posted by Indira

Joe said...

Miss Kitty makes an early apperance to say Happy Birthday to Kiri today! 

Posted by Joe

Shelly said...

Trina and Phoebe are kickin off Kiri's B-day Party in Indy! Happy your tie!  

Posted by Indy Foodie

Michèle said...

Oh my, that is so funny. I love the last one, Kiri looks completely unimpressed. Dapper little fellow isnt he!  

Posted by michele

Marie, Paris said...

Happy Birthday very handsome Kiri!
Rima and Nala wish a very parisian Joyeux Anniversaire to Kiri with cake and champagne at Les carnets de sbmarie 

Posted by Marie, Paris

Anne said...

We're in :) Glinda brought her sister and her favorite red bow to the party! 

Posted by Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, and Happy Birthday Kiri!
It looks as though my comment didn't go through the first time. Anyway, let's hope it does second time around.
My babies don't do party clothes, but they do "dress up" in a different way :) 

Posted by tfp

Cat said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRI!! Jazz, Tigger & Lixue are all very excited to celebrate with you today :) 

Posted by Catesa

Anonymous said...

Kiri looks adorable!!! He's really stylish!!!

A big happy birthday from Bowser, Tanuki and Yoshi: 

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Dear Kiri!! You look smashing. I won't hug you, because I don't want to spread the germs around. 

Posted by Linda

Lisa the Waitress said...

Happy birthday! I dig the seasonally appropriate tie! Here's ours for the week: 

Posted by Lisa the Waitress

Nic said...

Hi Clare! Happy Birthday, Kiri!
I brought my cats to the party and even made something fishy. Phoebe and Dusty enjoyed the party. 

Posted by Nic

Anonymous said...

Will I be the latest one? It is because of the "jet lag"... Le Gros Noir presents himself and sends his congratulations at Kiri... He's thinking about all this, you can see it there .
Sorry for my bad english! 

Posted by Lali

Charlotte said...

Here's Maggie,  all dressed up for the party! Happy birthday Kiri, you are a handsome boy.  

Posted by Charlotte

MizD said...

That crazy cat of mine took it upon herself to celebrate Kiri's birthday Kaga style . This is what I get for letting her think it's okay to merge two food blogging events into one!

Oh, and love the tie. Kiri is looking mighty chic! 

Posted by mrs D

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi Clare,
You know we're always late with everything at Farmgirl Fare. ( Here's Patchy Cat in our WCB entry:

And then this totally wild party crasher showed up asking for directions to Sydney:

Kiri, you'd think with 7 cats around we would have had time to cook you up a tasty gift, but nope we didn't. Smudge caught a yummy little bird yesterday, but he ate it before I could tie a bow around it. And I tried to get The Doodle Monster to dress up for your party, but I quickly realized that  was never going to happen without a lot of blood loss (meaning mine).

We'd still like to wish you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And many more! Meow! : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

Kristi said...

Happy birthday Kiri! I so wish my cats could partake in the party. Unfortunately, their silly mom doesn't have a digital camera yet. Sigh. Anyway, he sure is one fetching-looking boy in his suit and tie. I wish my cats would let me dress them! I hope Kiri has dozens more birthdays ahead of him, each more special than the one before.

Posted by kristi

Anonymous said...

Here's Tinker rolling in the dirt .

Posted by the Robot Vegetable

Anonymous said...

Here we are with our entry for the weekend!

Hope we made it in time! 

Posted by Heather

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kiri!  :)
Here are some nice flowers just for you : 

Posted by Cel

kitchenmage said...

My furling has a gift, treats, and a game...and a name finally! Come see her  and share her side of Kiri's birthday party. 

Posted by kitchenmage

Anonymous said...

Kiri - I'm sorry I couldn't make it, but I'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday! Lots of love, Maya xx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

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