Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The OVEN!!!!

So this is it, THE post you have all been waiting for.... does the oven work or is it from the land of infinite sadness.

Well go on, actually look at that picture. OF COURSE IT *#&%&% well WORKS !!!!! YAYAYYAYAYAYAY
Clare is soooooo happy! As you can see, these are Ben's Birthday Biccies. Why does Ben deserve biccies... because he is sweet, we didn't get to see him on his real birthday and I needed an unknowing yet totally willing and deserving guinea pig, gee life's tough sometimes LOL. Since we had a suprise visit, I turned to the Same Baking by Flavours cookie recipe that I used to test that OTHER oven.. the one I didn't get for long.. well :P:P to you! Cause I have a new oven, that whilst not new cooks just as good as you. NERR and is black and much sexier than you too :P

*Can anyone tell just how late it actually is here? :P*

So back on to the biccies, I think they actually worked better this time. They would want to be good, the last of my butterscotch morsals *sob* and 2 (count them 1, 2) whole blocks of 85% Cocoa Lindt. Damm that stuff is GOOOOD. Also these babys are huge. I hope you are getting through them Ben and Nat and enjoying them too. :) xxxxx *Happy Belated Bday too !*

BTW Do you like my new bowl? It was to go with the cute art deco plate.... but it was a victim to the horrors of moving :( as I told Rachel as she helped me unpack, lucky it only cost 2 bucks!


Raspil said...

what is a biccie? how do you pronounce that? 

Posted by Raspil

Nic said...

A biccie is a biscuit (or cookie).

Yay, Clare!! A working oven. And birthday treats with butterscotch morsels and chocolate chips? Too tasty! 

Posted by Nic

eat stuff said...

Hi Raspil
Nic is right it is a biscuit or cookie... I think you would pronounce it (bic key ).

Hi Nic
Thanks :) I didn't even think people wouldn't know what I biccies is LOL

Very tasty... :)


Posted by clare eats

Farmgirl Susan said...

SO glad the oven works! Your biccies look yum--and sound rich! Too bad about the dish. Guess you'll just have to go out shopping for more. : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

hey clare, good for you, great oven, great biccies! (i love that word) and what a lovely plate too. your pics are awesome as usual -- what camera are you using again?

Sara said...

I LOVE the bowl! It's too cute. 

Posted by Sara

Rachel said...

Hi Clare those cookies look absolutely divine !!! Save some for me !!! Sorry about discovering your late old plate but this bowl is pretty cute too. Glad this oven cooks great ! Richard and I cheated last weekend and used sara lee brownie mix which expanded and flattened out in our guess-timate oven and became cookies hehe but it tasted good and we ate all 16 of them in 2 days the little piggies that we are. :D 

Posted by Rachel

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the oven works AND it looks way cooler. You're never going to get out of that kitchen, LOL. Yummy-looking cookies, Clare! 

Posted by amy

Kristi said...

I'm glad your oven works. Yay! And those biccies (SUCH a cool word) look delicious. Can I have one?  

Posted by Kristi

tytty said...

my mum calls em biccies all the time [:

funny to read about all the hype bout your new oven!

and referring to Rachel's post, Sara Lee cookie dough is really quite good. you follow the time recommended, and you can get quite a divine hard-outside-and-soft-inside cookie.

but of course being the avid baker you are Clare, I'm sure premade cookie dough is a no-no for you?

Posted by tian

Cat said...

ooo do i see porridge oats in there? are they? mmm i love porridge oats in everything :) they look delicious in any case. you must be loving your new oven :D 

Posted by Catesa

Unknown said...

chocolate, butterscotch and oats - great ingredients, and how can one resist when they're called 'biccies'! 

Posted by eatzycath

Anonymous said...

What a treat for the birthday boy!They are looking absolutely scrumptious and I like oats in cookies.
Photo of the star, 'the working Oven', please:)- 

Posted by Indira

Michèle said...

hey Clare, will you make me some biccies for my birthday too? Im glad your oven is working well. I am still without one unfortunately but Im shopping around. Any day now, any day.. :) 

Posted by michele

Anonymous said...

Clare - You're back in action!!! With a working oven, nice..... 

Posted by Kirk

eat stuff said...

That is so true! yay shopping :)

Hi Stef
Thanks that is so sweet. The photo would have been better if I had used my tripod, but I still can't find it! I have a fuji finepix s602z. I like it :)

Hi Sara
Welcome! Thanks! I think it is cute!

Hi Rachel
That's ok, it's not like you broke it... DID YOU? LOL hehhe I will make some for you when you come down next :)

Hi Cin!
I hope so! and more importantly no whinging :)

Hi Amy
well it will be summer soon... so I might want to go to the beach :)

Hi Kristi
If you come visit I will make some just for you!

Hi Tian
That's cool.... see biccies is a normal word!
Yep... I would make them myself...

Hi Catesa
oh yeah baby!

I agree... they were SO BIG! and I think the melty choc was the best

Hi Indira
Yep will have to get off my arse for you...

HI Michele
that will be the party of a lifetime!!! Just imagine what you will make then!

Hi Kirk
Uhuh... oh yeah UHUH :) 

Posted by clare eats

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