Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What the hell happened here?

Hi Guys
Here is alittle update to let everyone in on the goss at chez eatstuff.

As some of you might have noticed, FG (Farmgirl) very, very kindly took over the WCB hosting duties for me. So if you are looking for the roundup go here. Unless I am dead, or in hospital it will be back on here at eatstuff next weekend. Oh yeah, I think moving while sick might have caught up with me... and No Sam I am no superwoman.....*sigh*, I wish I was though.

I am stil unable to comment on the oven, and wether it is good or very very bad (ie from the land of infinite sadness), because I haven't cooked anything in it yet! Which is so demoralising, instead we have been subsisting on a diet of delivery food... which does not make you feel better, like a bowl of homemade chicken soup ( my freezer is empty Michele :( ).

Kiri has taken to the new house verywell, Cat alley has not yet been installed, hopefully by the weekend.

Oh, and then there is the issue of the blogspammers. GO AWAY I HATE YOU! Leave me, and my nice readers alone, we don't care about ANYTHING you have to offer. I had been hoping to be able to just keep deleting the cooments as they appear, but they attacked at my weakest point so I am going to turn the dreaded word verification on. So Sorry. Because of the blogger hack, you will enter the comment like normal, hit enter THEN go to the blogger comment page where you will have to enter the wqord verification. Sorry about this. If it is incredibly horrible or if you have a problem, leave a comment or email me, ok? Maybe I will have to remove the comment hack? But, I hope not as I *heart* the comment hack *sigh*. BUT not as much as I love yout comments, so it will lose out to you guys everytime.

Hope you are all well, and I'll hopefully back to my *cybergrl* self very shortly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Clare - I knew you were moving, but sick as well? That's no fun! Hope you're feeling better soon! 

Posted by Kirk

eat stuff said...

HI Kirk
Thanks :) me too, at least I just have to finish unpacking now.... and build huge uneildy pieces of ikea furniture :P 

Posted by clare eats

boo_licious said...

Oh no! Poor Clare. I hope everything works out well and you get better. How I wish we could send you some soup (like Michele's mushroom soup). 

Posted by boo_licious

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hello, hello!
So glad to see you are up to at least a bit of typing--or did you just dictate to Kiri? : )

We missed you during Weekend Cat Blogging but had a marvelous time helping out. Mrroooowwww! : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

eat stuff said...

Hi Boo
You are so sweet :) Everything is going ok.... hopefully it will keep getting better!

Hi FG!!!
How did you guess I dictated to Kiri? It was the spelling mistakes right? He needs to learn to spell better... naughty Kitty :)

You did a FAB Job, ta muchly :) 

Posted by clare eats

Kristi said...

Moving sucks. Moving while sick is absolutely horrible. I hope you feel better soon, and I look forward to reading upcoming adventures with the new oven.  

Posted by Kristi

Rachel said...

Hi clare,

hope you are feeling better soon! And I sure hope your oven works better than your kitchen drawers ! 

Posted by Rachel

Joycelyn said...

hi clare, please take care; really hope you are feeling better - moving is stressful business... 

Posted by J

Joe said...

Hi Clare,

I hope you are taking care of yourself and you start to feel better soon! 

Posted by Joe

Cat said...

hope your move continues to go smoothly and you get better very soon! give Kiri a pat from his furry Dutch kitty friends :) 

Posted by Catesa

Lisa the Waitress said...

Glad to hear that everything is coming along. I'm sure you will find out about the oven soon enough! As a service to your WCB devotees, do you think you could do a "Cat Alley" tutorial? Maybe you could patent it and become cat alley millionaire.


Posted by Lisa the Waitress

eat stuff said...

Hi Rachel,
me too... Kiri thinks the top drawer is a great place to sit !

Hi J
That is so right! I am much better....which is great :)

Hi Joe
Yep I have slept in and strategicaly avoided moving boxes for a few days ;)

Hi Milly
A cold? Oh no it was much worse than that! I think tonsillitis? definately something with an itis attached

Hi Catesa
Kiri purred his thanks :) it is a pity there is no kitty email....

Hi Cara
Thanks :)

Hi Lisa
Um.... yep, i suppose it would be good for people living in terrace houses like me :)

Hi Amy
Me too girrly

Hi Catherine
well nothing make you sadder than an oven that manages to burn your expensive flourless chocolate cake to cinders in 5 minutes, *sigh* I have already had discussions with the real estate agents about how the OVEN BETTER WORK!

Posted by clare eats

Susan said...

Thanks for the warning about spam comments. I had two from someone who wanted me to visit a site about his "15-inch long, 3-inch wide asparagus". Uh-hunh.

And I already have my cat picture ready for this weekend!


Posted by Susan

boo_licious said...

Auntie Clare

I am taking over WCB this weekend, here's my link


I hope you get better soon and give Kiri a lick for me.

Boo the cat 

Posted by boo_licious

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