Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Thai Pothong Restaurant

294 King Street Newtown 2042, NSW
(50 meters City side of Newtown station)

Trading Hours
Dinner Fri & Sat 6.00pm - 11.00pm
Sun-Thu 6.00pm - 10.30pm
Lunch 12.00 to 3.00pm ( Closed Monday Lunch only)

Tel: (02) 9550 6277
Fax: (02) 9519 8050
Website: www.thaipothong.com.au
Email: thaipothong@bigpond.com.au

Don't you just HATE it when you go out, end up eating a FABULOUS meal and you didn't drag along your HUGE camera *sigh*. Normally I decide not to tell you these tales without the pictures as hard evidence to back-up my claims, but tonights meal was too good not too (Brag :P)

Casey and I were strolling down King St Newtown (there are heaps of restaurants and this is the longest stretch of shops in Australia... I think) We walk up and back not really fussed at any of the choices (gee we can be picky!). When we figure that we will walk down to Thai Pothong, which has been recommended numerous times as a great place to go for a special night out. We were sold. We walk in and are immediatly seated at a cute little table for 2, the waiters were great bringing out the 2 glasses of water straight away.

Well ... I wont bore you with the everyday stuff, what I will say is CHOO CHEE SCAMPI!!!! OMG it was Fantastic... the sauce the scampi, oh the sauce on rice, oh the flesh of the scampi *drool*. Well it wasn't cheap ($26) but we shared the main, rice for 2 steam scallops for an entree (YUM) and a small paypaya salad. We DON'T regret a thing! (Menu)
If you want to go for That in Newtown, and want it to be special I would definately recommend it, great service, great food. Enough said :)


Anonymous said...

Clare - I can tell you really enjoyed the meal by all the UPPER CASE letters! :o) You need to start lugging a smaller camera around..... 

Posted by Kirk

Rachel said...

Hi Clare !!
Well you've certainly stumbled upon and old fave of mine in Sydney. I used to go to Thai Pothong regularly especially as they had a buy one main get one free deal in the Entertainment book (if your a foodie you should invest in one)

I adore the Gai yang (bbq chicken) there as well as the roast duck salad. And the seafood curry comes in a little flambe thing!

We should get together and eat there sometime :D
Glad you discovered a new fave and its more or less just up the road from you too! 

Posted by Rachel

boo_licious said...

What a coincidence! I just had Thai food last nite which I blogged abt tday. That scampi dish sounds yum. I am sure you will be visiting this place again and I can't wait to see those yummy pictures.

eat stuff said...

Hi Milly
Or it is out of batteries :P
It was good, awesome even :)

Hi Kirk
Oops how did they get there?

Hi Rach
LOL, of course you love it :) MMM I don't know if I can go past thos scampi mmmmmm :) The baramundi mango salad sounds pretty good too! Oh and of course we should go!

Hi Boo
It won't be all the time as it is abit exe but we will so be back! (hopefully I will have a small camera ;) )

Hi Amy
Oh... I think litte mini tripods are great, but EVEN MORE embarrassing! !!!


Posted by clare eats

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