Saturday, October 01, 2005

WCB 17

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Hi, My Name is Kiri and I am a box chewer.

It's been 2 hours since I last chewed a box. I had been on the Wagon, but since last night I have been chewing again. I know the pain, frustration and cost this causes to my loved ones but, I just can't control myself.

I see cardboard and I just have to take bites and and spit them out. see?

How ugly is this.

OMG, this is so embarrasing. From Super Sailor suit model and Kirasuarus rex actor

I have been reduced to a common box chewer

But gee it is delicious, and sure cures those cravings

Especially the aches I get in my claws.

I feel much better that this is all out in the open, please don't hold my disease against me.

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Anonymous said...

Bella & Tasha here. We love cardboard boxes of all descriptions too, Kiri. We have even left our bite marks in wallets, cords, and hey, basically anything else that's left out. See how much we love each other here: 

Posted by Cin

Anonymous said...

All kitties love cardboard boxes, mine also go crazy over them. Sometimes they even attack toilet and kitchen towel rolls.

I decided to feature some kitties for adoption this time round in my WCB entry this weekend. Hopefully it can generate some interest for them to get a new home. 

Posted by boo_licious

Anonymous said...

Oooh dear, little Kiri sure is getting into those boxes! Wow!

Here's my weekly post: 

Posted by Anne

Anonymous said...

LOL thats so funny -- but destructive -- Lixue has exactly the same habit. also with papers, usually important ones like tax papers LOL
Hes a cutie!!

and Lixue is up this week


Posted by Catesa

Anonymous said...

here is Cleo one of my cats, Cleo is happy to participe at this weekend cat blogging: 

Posted by Claire emma

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, I would have thought Kiri had more refined tastes than that, but who knows maybe he's onto something. :) Very cute pics, its always fun to see Kiri getting himself into some mischief! 

Posted by michele

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele
he is so funny, just be gald I saved you from the really gory details; like my brand new novels! 

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Kiri and Lucky should hang out together. I give Lucky boxes to eat. I buy pizzelles that come in a box that's just big enough for Lucky to fit in. He'll run across the room, dive head-first into the box, and proceed to eat it from the inside out. I bet Kiri and Lucky would get a long great. 

Posted by The Countess

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare

Those cats are so cute ! Here is mine. 

Posted by Papilles et Pupilles

Anonymous said...

How those kitties love cardboard! After I saw your post I remembered this pic I took of Trina. 

Posted by Indyfoodie

Anonymous said...

Oooh, more and more kitties every week.

I am back after a cat-blogging hiatus!

This week, I have kitties helping me photograph stuff other than kitties, which results in pictures of kitties.

They are clever that way--hogging the spotlight, every time the camera comes out.

Here is the link. 


Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

hello les fanas de minous !

à mon tour de participer au weekend cat blogging :

Posted by juliette

Anonymous said...

le lien n'a pas marché, je le remets :

Posted by juliette

Anonymous said...

I love the shot with the cardboard actually in the mouth! The world over, kitties are the same!!


Here's mine: 

Posted by Lisa the Waitress

Anonymous said...

Lyle wants privacy 


Posted by beau

Anonymous said...

Tinker Ahead 

Fair warning: I believe the excellent folk at Modulator Friday Ark #54 passed on this one (or overlooked it.) I'm not sure why - my test group has some very picky people in it and they all smiled, laughed, and uttered,"ooo, how cute!"

Perhaps the human presence is too strong?  

Posted by the Robot Vegetable

Anonymous said...

After a brief hiatus, Aggie is back...

Poor Kiri ~ maybe some box-chewing rehab would be a good Idea? 

Posted by Linda

Anonymous said...

I am so feeling your pain right now. Not with Kiri, but with the packing of course. Just remember I am right there with you in all the moving frustration this week! 

Posted by amy

Anonymous said...

Good source of fibre :)-
Kiri looks adorable! 

Posted by Indira

Anonymous said...

Hey Clare,
I had to post my kitty before heading out of town last night and I missed getting a note to you. Here she is: 

Posted by mrs D

Anonymous said...

Funny entry and all the kitties are so cute. Mine now runs away whenever he sees the camera. 

Posted by PseudoChef

Anonymous said...

Oh... poor Kitty
Maybe he needs bribery ;)

Soo many cute kitties this week! 

Posted by clare eats

Anonymous said...

Cardboard is a kitty favorite. I have been known to sprinkle catnip on it just to watch the chaos. =)

Here's Phoebe  for this week. She's snacking, but not on cardboard. 

Posted by Nic

Anonymous said...

Here's Macroom!  

Posted by Stephanie

Anonymous said...

my cats have done some strange things, but not eat cardboard. one used to love to eat plastic bags (oh, the trips to the vet!), but no one ever chewed on boxes. someone needs more fiber! :) 

Posted by ann

Anonymous said...

Got Luke up here . Kiri sounds a lot like one of our old cats, Miss Indigo. She loved eating cardboard and playing with those styrofoam packing peanuts. 

Posted by Sweetnicks

Anonymous said...

Love your site. I've been visiting a while. I've posted a (belated) weekend cat blogging post too! 

Posted by tfp

Anonymous said...

Is it a cat.. or a fish?... Butterscotch consumes some serious water! ;) 

Posted by mensabarbie

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