Monday, November 14, 2005

My get well round up

I want to make a list of all of the posts that people made for me so that I can make sure I see them and anyone else can go check them out. ( They will be in alphabetical order)

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Food Blog School

Masak Masak

  1. Check out Amy's lovely flowers and get well message at Beauty Joy Food;
  2. Check out the cute Babaganoosh with his good wishes at passionatenonchalance;
  3. Check out Kalyn's beautiful snapdragons which are beckoning Clare and Kiri to get well soon at Kalyn's Kitchen;
  4. Check out Squirt's life story and well wishes at ...slowly she turned... ;
  5. Check out Tasha, cake (yum!), flowers and get well wishes at A Few of my Favourite Things;
  6. Check out Flotsa in a Berkeley window at Middle-Fork;
  7. Check out the kitties, Fridolin and Maruschka at Rosa's Yummy Yums;
  8. Check out the Cat who is sad but has lovely flowers for Clare and Kiri at Belly-Timber;
  9. Check out Flotsa who is sending Clare and Kiri some virtual ice-cream at Far Cartouche;
  10. Check out Earl and Toejam looking so cute they will definitely cheer up Clare and Kiri at So Cal Foodie;
  11. Check out the sweetie, Tigger who looks like he can give lots of loving to Clare and Kiri at Shelli's Sentiments;
  12. Check out Phoebe and Trina giving cute winks to Clare and Kiri asking them to get well quickly at Indy Foodie;
  13. Check out the adorable kitty antics which will bring a smile to Clare and Kiri's faces at Tigers & Strawberries;
  14. Check out Macroom who is sleeping away on a very cute chair (my Mum's favourite cartoon character!) at Dispensing Happiness;
  15. Check out Gigolo Kitty who is trying to negotiate better terms with Santa this year over at Gigolokitty!;
  16. Check out River who is making sure there are no stray doggies around for Clare and Kiri at kitchenmage;
  17. Check out Lixue who offers furry cuddles to cheer up Clare and Kiri (extra ones for Kiri as she loves him - I am so jealous but I understand as Kiri is such a hunky cat) at Look Hunny, I Cooked;
  18. Check out Aggie who sent a hug, chocolate cake and flowers to Clare and Kiri at kayaksoup;
  19. Check out the most adorable kitten fight ever plus candy for Clare and Kiri at Anne's Food;
  20. Check out Leo who sends his best wishes at my little kitchen;
  21. Check out darling Molly Doodlebug with beautiful heart cookies and a lovely message for Clare and Kiri at Farmgirl Fare;
  22. Check out Tanuki who wanted to post himself to Sydney to see Clare and Kiri at A Cat in the Kitchen;
  23. Check out Marlin sprucing himself up as he brings S'more Treats to Clare and Kiri to cheer them up at Heather's Space;
  24. Check out Maggie sitting in a sink and offering lots of wishes to Clare and Kiri to get well soon at Love and Cooking;
  25. Check out Miss Kitty with a lovely get well message and flowers for Clare and Kiri at Culinary in the Desert;
  26. Check out Maggie and Wellington offering to go Down Under to see Clare and Kiri at Modern Girls Kitchen;
  27. Check out the kitties from France who brought flowers for Clare and Kiri at Lali et Cie;
  28. Check out Princess LouLou who sends her royal wishes to Clare and Kiri at Stalking the Waiter;
  29. Check out Alicat's former kitties and Spanks with lots of good wishes to Clare and Kiri to get well at Something So Clever;
  30. Check out Billy Lee, the cyber kitty who is up to tricks at The food pornographer;
  31. Check out Jack and Charlotte who both sent lots and lots of hugs to Clare and Kiri (I want one too!) at My Adventures in the Breadbox;
  32. Check out Tyson who will beat up that doggie which tried to hurt Kiri at Food Chronicles (I'm sad about Meggiecat's loss too!);
  33. Check out Dale who sends his love and hugs to Clare and Kiri plus apologies for his species at One Hot Stove;
  34. Check out Miss Domino who is looking for Clare and Kiri at Farmgirl Fare;
  35. Check out Dusty who is concentrating very hard to be worried at bakingsheet;
  36. Check out speedy Trixie who offers good wishes to Clare and Kiri at greengirlart;
  37. Check out Snoopy who is joining us for the first time at everybody likes sandwiches;
  38. Check out Red-Boy who wishes Clare and Kiri well at bunnyfoot;
  39. Check out Lyle who offers Kiri a safe place to play at Basic Juice;
  40. Alisha and Mattie sends Clare and Kiri well wishes at Playin' Whaley;
  41. Check out Shishi, Mel and Spot who all offer well wishes plus good advice to Clare and Kiri at s'kat and the food;
  42. Check out Huggy and Buddy who join us from California with well wishes at The Poor Cracklins;

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