Thursday, November 03, 2005

Reshreshing Drinks!

I had to leave a food related post before I went away didn't I? hehehe
Well actually, it was rather warm here in sunny Sydeny today. After my walk, I needed a drink. A cold, refreshing drink. I am not one for drinking sweet sodas *Blurgh*, why would I, When I can have this? This is so refreshing, slightly tangy, alittle fizzy and cold, the perfect drink for hot, sunny days. The basic formula is so easy, some fruit, ice, mint and sparkling mineral water. This version contains passionfruit, lime, orange and mint leaves. Other good choices are strawberries and lemon balm.

If you find this too tart, alittle natural sugar like some apple concentrate would be the perfect sweetner. Please give this perfect refreshing summer drink a try, it might cause you to give up oversweetend sodas too.


Rachel said...

Hi Clare,

The drink sounds good. Where are you off to? Mmm I love passionfruit 

Posted by Rachel

glutton rabbit said...

I like the idea of incorporating passion fruit into the drink! It looks very refreshing indeed! Yeah, I agree sodas are too sweet - and full of calories...

wendy said...

It looks so pretty. And it sounds lovely!
I would love this. Thanks.

Amy said...

Hey, why didn't you give me this idea for all those lemons? :) This is such a good idea. I make mint lemonade in the summer, but I've never added soda water. I'll have to try it. The photo looks very fresh and pretty. 

Posted by amy

milgwimper said...


The drink looks refreshing, and if it is tart and sweet the better. I will have to try some soon. I hope your trip is wonderful. :)


I love making mint lemonade, although this year I haven't had the chance. I will have to rectify that! :)

skyjuice7 said...

I agree with milgwimper that the drinks do look refreshing indeed. I like citrus.

tara said...

What a lovely, refreshing and crisp combination. I love the tang passionfruit, and the seeds look particularly lovely in the glass. Even though fall is well established here, I would not turn down one of these! 

Posted by tara

farmgirl said...

Mmmmmm! That looks SO good! Have you ever stirred in a little powdered ginger root? (or a hunk of fresh ginger would probably be even better, I suppose). I don't drink sodas but sometimes make a quickie homemade fizzy gingerale. Glorious photo! : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

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