Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I know that there are many of you out there who are just like me. The tender pull of the dough as you bite into soft white pillow which you struggle to hold between two sticks. Then, when you have managed to take your bite a pillow full of steamy juice runs down your chin. This is the part where if you are like me no further explanation is required ;) . I am of course talking about chinese soup buns. I had never imagined that they would be so easy to aquire in Sydney. I am always being made jealous of all the dim sum that Kirk and his wife enjoy in San diego, but then so easily I spied these cute little mini pork and prawn buns at the Thai Kee Iga at Hay market. I figured that they couldn't be what I thought they were and even so they would surely not be any good. I have never been so glad to be wrong in all my life. We served them simply steamed, with some steamed chinese brocolli and Kim chi, which I of course know it isn't chinese but it is yummy and it was fresh too. I made up quite a nice dipping sauce for the dumplings, soy, fresh ginger, alittle kecap manis and mirin. Yum!


Anonymous said...

Mmm. I haven't made this since before I moved. I made a tone as I was packing, trying to use up stuff in the fridge. And it just so happens that I have pork and baby shrimp and wrappers in the fridge. If it weren't nearly 1 AM, I'd go do it now.

Thanks for the reminder, Clare. 

Posted by B'gina

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
just popped in to see how you've been doing. My exams have been really tough :( But anyway those Xiao Long Baos look really nice. Err but I believe thats chinese brocolli they've been served with however,boy does that kim chi look good !  

Posted by rachel

Anonymous said...

ooh, you're lucky. no soup buns near me, fresh or frozen. glad to see you posting again. hope you (esp your arm) feel a lot better. 

Posted by stefoodie

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare - Juicy Buns and Kimchee, what a provocative title! LOL! Those XLB look delici-yoso....what a nice combo. 

Posted by Kirk

Anonymous said...

Clare that sounds and looks so good. I love asian food, especially any kind of bun! And I love kimchi, especially if you can get some that is made locally. My mom used to make huge (and I mean HUGE!) bowls of kimchi when we were growing up. Yummy! 

Posted by Dawn

Anonymous said...

There are no words to describe how jealous I am of you and your buns.  

Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

We love xiao long bao! I normally make a small bite then suck the juice out before wolfing the rest down.
LOL - we saw a sign in one of the restaurants in London's Chinatown advertising 'juicy buns fever' on Tuesday nights! Maybe we should organise one of those nights here! 

Posted by Cin

Anonymous said...

Nice buns! (I couldn't resist. It is American slang so I don't know if the joke translates, but I think it does.) Seriously, they do look delicious. 

Posted by Kalyn

Anonymous said...

Well Kayyn beat me to the punch line, but yes those are nice buns. *wink* *giggle* I am so jealous, and now when I feel a little better must go out in search of them! The kimchi looks good too, it is funny though in Korean class today we learned the long negative for the polite form, and the dialog covered not liking kimchi! *sigh* PHHBBT! Your photo has me drooling. :9~~~ 

Posted by milgwimper

Anonymous said...

Hmm Xiao Long Baos - I haven't had them for so long. Must see if the Asian supermarkets have them in stock.

Hope your arm is all healed!

Posted by Jean

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm....those look delicious and so happy you found some good ones! That kim chee looks awesome, too. I still haven't found a good recipe and my 100% Korean mother-in-law has yet to give me her method. I live in hope, though. 

Posted by amy

Anonymous said...

oo those look and sound very yummy, hope i can try them someday :) 

Posted by Catesa

Anonymous said...

Hi B'gina
When you post your recipe PLEASE let me know!

Hi Rach
you were so right, it was a complete fumle... oops. Can you beleive you can buy them frozen YIPEEE

Hi Stefoodie
Oh I am lucky, I am very glad I found these baies

Hi Kirk
I just wanted to have them both.... so I did LOL, it actually tasted great mmm

Hi Dawn
This Kimchi is made locally ( I think, but I want to go find some really fresh stuff), I would love to try home made ... anyone can you help me?

You have plenty of buns to admire of your own :P

Hi Cin
You have never been more right.... I was almost thinking a straw could e advantageous....

Hi Kalyn
yep it was a very appropriate pun :) :P

Hi Milly
I knew you would be on my team :). How could you NOT like Kim Chi?

Hi Jean
it is much better... now! LOL
I hope you manage to find some :)

Hi Amy
Perhaps you will have to go hold her to ransom.....

Hi Catesa
So do I!!!

Posted by casey eats

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