Monday, December 05, 2005

Pancakes are for brekkie

I thought I should share some photos of our weekend in the 'gong (Wollongong)

Seeing as this is a food blog I think I should share the food first? I am right aren't I? LOL
So here is is PANCAKES. We weren't supposed to have pancakes, we were supposed to have waffles. I mean I have never even had a fresh waffle before and Casey forgot my waffle iron, I mean my brand spankin' new waffle iron. But, that whole story is too long for now and I will share it later. So as a peace inducing gesture to placate me and my father, my mother made us pancakes. Pancakes with sauted peaches, maple syrup and crispy pancetta, and if you are Casey cultured butter. All I can say is WOW. I know that it is traditional to have sauted bannans with this, but I now say that is for chumps. Peaches are way better!

Not everyone is happy when we visit. Say hello to Jubei, or as my mum calls him boy-boy *shudder*. I mean, from legendary ronin to boy-boy?

This is Jubei voicing his very vocal displeasure at Kiri's presence. Yep, Jubei doesn't like him at all. I think it has something to do with the way Kiri runs at him everytime he sees him, and he is a wuss, perhaps boy-boy isn't that bad a name after all.

So you know me, I can't take enough pictures of flowers, I heart flowers. So here are a couple from my mums garden. This is a Lilly pilly, it produces large red fruit which are edible, not unbeleivale but ok. We are going to attempt jam as I think that might be good.

This is one of mum's new grafted grevillias from Western Australia, they have all the good grevillias.

Here is a my dad's "pet" Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, he is very cheeky. He even lets my dad touch him. He is cute used to mum and dad's cat's as they don't pay any attention to the cockatoos at all.

Kiri on the other hand is a completley differnet puddy cat. He would LOVE a cocky, that is until he actually got one! LOL ( not that he is ever going to get that close)

There it is, I hope you enjoyed it. I will try to remember and take a photo of the view and the beach next time ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't know why on earth I came over here before breakfast. Those pancakes look soooooooo good!!! I've never had peaches on them before (or bananas, for that matter). YUM! Poor boy-boy. (But he will probably womp Kiri when nobody is looking, tee hee.) Those flowers are gorgeous; so different from anything we have here. And I still cannot believe those birds are wild! Love how the bird is looking down at Kiri. I think your parents must live at the zoo. . . : )


Posted by farmgirl

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare - Nice color on them pancakes - delici-yoso!!! 

Posted by Kirk

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those great pics. Oh, and pancakes...YUM! 

Posted by KT

Anonymous said...

umm... how exactly does one obtain "cultured" butter? Does it stay at the Sidney Opera House a few days or so? ::grinn:: Couldn't help myself on that one! ::wink:: We don't normally do fruit with our pancakes but I sure do like the idea. I'll have to use Mill's homemade peach poop next time I do up a batch. Bananas foster would be more than slightly awesome as well and I have the recipe for the official stuff from Brennan's... ::smack::

Posted by Jo

Anonymous said...

As much as I just love pancakes - you've never had waffles, Clare? Stop what you're doing and go fix some, for dinner, if you have to.  

Posted by Nic

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers, Clare. Def. let us know how the jam comes out. The pancakes look yummy, too. 

Posted by amy

Anonymous said...

I love those flowers, so pretty and different from what we grow here. Pancakes are wonderful comfort food and so much better with fruit! Yummy.  

Posted by Michelle

Anonymous said...

Love the open-mouth shot of Jubei - timing is everything! 

Posted by Sweetnicks

Anonymous said...

wow-kiri is leash trained? that's so cool... 

Posted by rae

Anonymous said...

You've never had a fresh waffle? Go make one with your new iron right now! That pancake photo totally makes my mouth water. I love pancakes! And poor Jubei. He doesn't know what a fantastic kitty Kiri really is. 

Posted by kristi

Anonymous said...

Pancetta and pancakes? I'll never turn down a way to introduce more pork products into my diet! I like your mom's flowers, especially the second one.  

Posted by Dawn

Anonymous said...

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Posted by Avik

Anonymous said...

Hi! I can't believe I'm still writing this instead of out at some market somewhere finding peaches and pancakes stuff!!! How yum does that look? Those pictures of the flowers are lovely, but not nearly as lovely as those kitties!  

Posted by Alisha

Anonymous said...


Oh I love fresh fruit/sauteed fruit with pancakes, but I am bad butter and maple syrup...Oh yeah. I don't eat like that often, but sometimes it would be nice. ;) Great photographs! i really liked the the flowers and of course Jubei with his mouth open.  

Posted by milgwimper

Anonymous said...

Hi Fg
You came over becuase I of course enjoy tormenting you :P
Poor Boy-Boy Kiri just wants to play and he is very sweet! Oh yeah there was a discussion going on b/w the cocky and Kiri LOL

Hi Kirk
Yep, they were very delic-yoso!

I am very glad you enjoyed them! That makes it all worth while :)

Hi Jo
I am still a fan of lemon sugar mmmm, but the bannana bacon maple syrup quadlet is big in the cafes.

Actually I think the butter requires a tour of Europe tobe considered cultured :P

Hi Nic
Yep noooo waffles, still none, but SOON!! VERY SOON! I will explain the whole conundrum when I have tasted them for the VERY first time :)

Hi Amy
The jam will take awile but I will definatley include a taste test :)

Hi Michelle
I love Australian flowers, I like to show them off so you cna see how special they are :)

Hi Sweetnicks
That is why having a camera with a quick focus time is so important! Glad you liked the photo :)

Hi Rae
Yep, he is! but he hasn't been having his daily street walks since..... the incident :(

Hi Kristi
You couldn't be more right.... I will explain the waffle conundrum.... hopefully very soon!

Hi Dawn
mmmm pork!
Grevillas are great, there are so many different ones! Do they grow in the USA?

Hi Avik

Hi Alisha
Thank you on all counts! Kiri and Jubei both purr in aquiesence too

Hi Milly
The problem is how hard it is to get good maple syrup here *sigh*


Posted by clare eats

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