Saturday, October 22, 2005

WCB 20 P-A-R-T-Y announcement!

Cat food bloggers unite every weekend and share photos of your gorgeous kitties with us!

If you would like to be included, just leave me a comment with your permalink! and add a "weekend cat blogging" tag to your post!

If you would like to participate in WDB 6 (Weekend Dog Blogging) please go visit the lovely Sweetnicks and send her an email!

Could you possibly guess who this is? It is my boy Kiri of course! I bet you can see just how I fell in love with him, here he is just 8 weeks old! The next 4 weeks spent waiting to pick him up was torture!
If you want to see my baby boy in action click here to view a movie file that is 500kb and a .wmv . * This is sooooo cute!*!!!!!!!!!!!
So why did I want to show you this extreme cuteness til now? Because next Tuesday the 1st of November is his first birthday!

So next weekend's cat blogging is going to be Kiri's first birthday party!!! He wants all of his new friends to help him celebrate, so please join in! Feel free to bring goodies or dress your puss's up if they feel like co-operating!

Hope you all come!

But for this weekend please:

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Check out the cute glinda in a kitty sling! I so want one for Kiri!!!! at Anne's Food
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*Pause for a moment for the lost Minnaloushe* I am so sorry for your loss Barbara,
but we welcome the new kitten on the blockMei-Mei Ari the adorable fluffball at Tigers & Strawberries *Cute Kitten alert*
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tfp said...

Awwww, so cute! I wish they would stay little like that. Not sure if I can get my babies dressed up but I have a few ideas up my sleeve... ;)

This week's piccie: 

Posted by tfp

Dagmar said...

What an adorable photo of Kiri!!

Here's my post for this weekend:

Catesa said...

aww so little!! i wish they stayed little forever :) 

Posted by Catesa

Marie, Paris said...

He is soooooooo cute :) I celebrated Rima's 5th birthday on 10/10, times goes so fast! You can check out my Phi Phi Island asian lucky cat at 

Posted by Marie, Paris

vlb5757 said...

This is my first time doing the cat blog. Seems like the only thing that I can get pictures of is Bailey sleeping! She freaks when she sees me with the camera! Hopefully we will be regulars, that is if Bailey ever moves from that spot! 

Posted by vlb5757

vlb5757 said...

Sorry, I just was making sure that my name was linked to my site but it didn't work so here it is:

linda said...

Hi Clare. Can't wait for Kiri's birthday! Anyway, I have a Guest Cat featured this week. 

Posted by Linda

linda said...

Third time is the charm..
Weekend cat Blogging  

Posted by Linda

AzureLynn said...

Here is my submission for this weeks "WCB"...

Now off to check out the rest of the submissions and see if I find anything fun or silly! Have a great day! 

Posted by Heather

Lisa the Waitress said...

Oh so cute! Husband and I are always saying our next cat will be blue! I wonder if I'll be able to get any of the kitties to sit still for birthday hats next week. I guess we'll find out.

Here's mine for the week: 

Posted by Lisa the Waitress

Nic said...

Kiri was such a cutie! And you can count us in for the party next weekend, Clare. 

Posted by Nic

Clare Eats said...

I so now catesa, he was sooooo small!!!


Posted by clare eats

farmgirl said...

Oh Clare, there are simply no words to describe that perfect example of total cuteness, so I'm going to end this comment now and go back to ooohing over baby Kiri. Too cute!!!!! : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

farmgirl said...

OMG I actually got the video to work! First time ever! (must be new computer) Well, I was wrong. This photo is not the perfect example of total cuteness--that video is! Again, no words. Off to watch it again. : ) 

Posted by farmgirl

Clare Eats said...

that's better! :) Good girl FG :) 

Posted by clare eats

Beau said...

Look at the wee Kiri! Adorable

Meanwhile..Bussi enjoys aromatherapy . 

Posted by Beau

mrs d said...

Yay for baby pics!

My kitty (who hasn't been that young in 17 years) has been dozing this week , saving her strength for cold winter nights. It will take some doing to get her into a costume. Perhaps if I sneak up behind her...  

Posted by mrs D

rae said...

oh he's so cute. my guy's "birthday" (the day i found him, poor fella) is the 31st october. must think of a nice meat cake for him...maybe i'll dress him up in a party hat or something else equally demeaning.... 

Posted by rae

Alice said...

AWWWWWW! Our little Charlotte is 8 weeks old today (at least that's our best guess). I hope to post some pictures for WCB20 tomorrow...I'll let you know if I do. Also, my own boy, Miles, has his birthday this coming Monday...he'll be six...I'll have to make sure he shows up for Kiri's party... 

Posted by Alice

emma said...

Here is Wellington's inaugural weekend cat blogging link:

emma (moderngirlskitchen) 

Posted by Anonymous

Cel said...

Hello Clare!
This photo of Kiri is so cute! How can we resist? So simple, you didn't. ;-)

I had a lot of problem with my internet connection during these last weeks. Now, I am back for WCB with my two black beauties! :-)
It's Vodka's turn today:


Posted by Cel

linda said...

PS. if you are the Australian Birdie, thank you for pointing out the broken link. Helped motivate me to try and check them all. 

Posted by Linda

it's only fuel said...

Kiri's video...super cute:) 

Posted by Katie Carter

Dawn said...

Am I too late?! Here is my kitty Earl. He's meowing (as usual) for some treats!

Your Kiri is growing up! Very cute. I can hardly remember when my cats were kittens...

Stephanie said...

Here's the kitty

Posted by Stephanie

kitchenmage said...

What an adorable little thing Kiri was! Mine isn't quite that small anymore--they do grow fast, don't they?--but she can be found here . She's apparently taken a hint from some other snoozin' cats. 

Posted by kitchenmage

Lali said...

I'm happy to participate for first time at WBC!! My two cats are here , named le Gros Noir and le Petit TigrĂ©. Your Kiri is very very cut... Have a nice day! 

Posted by Lali

cin said...

How could you NOT have fallen in love with him? How adorable! Here are his playmates:

farmgirl said...

Ahem. If you please, it's Miss   Domino. Meeeeeow! 

Posted by farmgirl

Alice said...

I couldn't resist posting more pictures of our little they are:


Posted by Alice

the Robot Vegetable said...

Tinker Chomps On Some Grass  

Posted by the Robot Vegetable

the Robot Vegetable said...

Tinker Chomps On Some Grass

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...


I'd like you to include my Cat picture on your great site! Thanks...

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Sorry for the error, here's my correct link:

Anonymous said...

OMG-he is adorable! Happy early birthday Kiri. I bet you can't wait to see what your mummy gets you.  

Posted by kristi

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