Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Boiled eggs on fresh bread

On the weekend I made some pizza with my very basic dough recipe. After having read a little I decided to try Autolysis of the dough, it worked really well, I saved a third of the dough to experiment with, so I placed it in the fridge to rise slowly overnight. So I woke up the next day and decided to make Case a surprise eggs on toast with bread rolls from my dough made fresh and hot in the morning. OMG was it good! Did you know that before I met Casey he had never had Salt and Pepper on boiled eggs before? Wow I was stunned, let me assure you. And it is what he said when he tried it for the first time ;) . Ever since I was a little grl having breakfast and my Oma and Opa's I have loved boiled eggs on toast, and I have been eating them spread out over toast since then. But you need to have the best eggs you can buy, as long as they are free range. Come one have you seen Baraka people or what?

Can you see the Plunger of tea in the background? Well this tea is changing my life, It is fantastic!
It is a Sikhm Temi SFTGFOP-1 ... (have you heard the tea joke TGFOP means To good for ordinary people )it was a little expensive at $10 for 100gms but every cup is worth it, it smells like honey(but good???), caramel and is very floral. Hopefully I will have a good source for very good tea very soon... and when I do I will share people I promise... muah ha ha ha.. *cough*cough* sorry I don't know what I was thinking.


Toan Nguyen said...

Dont cry, Emily!

Dont cry, Emily!
Put the pain in the box!
And I will go burry it,
Over the hill.

Dont cry, Emily!
Hang the hatred in my tree!
And I will burn it,
Under summer sun.

Dont cry, Emily!
Put the worries in your wallet!
And we will go spend it,
At the Scarborough fair.

Dont cry, Emily!
I'm here to help.
Just open your heart!
And things'll be alright!

hera said...

as a mediterranean, we use olive oil on boiled egg besides cumin and a little basils

try it u wont regret!

Clare Eats said...

Hi hera

That sounds great.. I have a secret cumin and basil fetish actually ;) (my love of olive oil is nooo secret!)

I will try that next time, thanks

Indira said...

I thought we are only ones who eat toasted bread with boiled eggs on top.:)

Clare Eats said...

I used to have the same opinon :)

I think there is nothing easier or better for breakfast.

Nic said...

Never put salt and pepper on boiled eggs? What did he use?

Clare Eats said...

Hi Nic,

I know... they didn't use any salt at all when he was a kid, partly because they did the "pritikin" thing.

Cara said...

Hi Clare! I found you through my good friend Amy at Beautyjoyfood. This entry about the boiled eggs makes me think of my daughter, she LOVES boiled eggs. Everytime she goes to spend the weekend with her Grandma they feast on boiled eggs all weekend! Cora loves to coat them with salt!!! Great site

Clare Eats said...

Hi Cara

Thanks so much :)

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