Monday, June 27, 2005


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See the opera singer in training kittaya
See J2 In The Cat Cabin

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Indira said...

Wow, On closeup Kiri looks like a big cat, length wise that is, isn't he?

Clare Eats said...

Hi Indira

ummm I dont know Indira... I can still remember when he fit into the palm of my hand! He is quite long but not that tall, he weighs between 31/2 and 4 kgs and is 7 months old. I dont think he will ever be a big cat, but he can jump and get a toy out of my out stretched hand and I am 5 11, so he can jump really high straight up.. we think he must have been a spring bok in a previous life

Michèle said...

cutie cat. Im liking the regular weekends with Kiri thing happening here :)

Clare Eats said...


I knew you would appreciate it, lol
Kiri purrs in agreement too :)

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