Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bad Service & New Crockery

Well as you probably already know, I went to Andy's Bakery before and I reviewed their Matcha (Powdered Japanese Green Tea) goodness. Well I went there today, and low and behold they had more Matcha goodness, a Matcha roll and cheesecake. Well, if you know me, I love this stuff, so I was stoked. I managed to convince Casey to buy me a roll and a cheesecake. When I asked the girl for the cakes, I very nicely asked for a box, as I wanted to ensure that the cakes would come home in photo worthy condition. I was told that I could not have a box unless I bought four cakes, I was sad :( . Then I had to ask if I could buy one, 50c I was told, I was happy again. But this is where the trouble began, the girl who took my order did not deem me worthy of her cake getting ability and pawned me off to a colleague. We payed for the cakes and left on our merry way home. Much to my dismay, when I arrived back home very excited to photograph my cheesecake, it was not there! I was duped I had a matcha mousse cake instead. I was so upset, I had already reviewed this, and taken photos. So I thought I would call them as I took their business card, I was rather rudely told in not so many words, "Well it's not my fault, how do I know your not lying?" I was rather put off at this bad treatment. I asked if I could come in another day to get a cheesecake. No I could only replace the cheesecake if I came straight back. Where did this girl get off, she was very rude and why would I go all the way back into the city straight away? I have been ill and the only reason I was there at all was because our friends RnR had come down from Cowra for Mother's day. So I am not very happy, this was not a good day to get me off side, this is why I am telling you my friends to be careful! and check your cakes before you leave because their customer service stinks.

Ok, onto the nicer side, was the cake any good? Well it was a green tea roll with red bean filling $1.20 it was great, except for the horrible faux cream on top. Why ruin a perfectly good cake with that crap? Sigh. But do you see my very cute cups and plates? They are courtesy of my very, very kind mother :) They hold 150mls (perfect for a double shot latte) and hold the heat remarkably well, and they are awesome to sip from as they are nice and fine with a nice lip. So expect to see much more of my beautiful pink sakura and bamboo tea cups.


Andy said...

As Andy from "Andys Coconut Espresso Semi Fredo" fame I would like to publicly remove myself from "Andys bakery". We share the same name but not the same level of public service!

Ohhh...BTW, those cups, plates and saucers are soooo preeedddyyy (and great looking coffee in them too).

Clare Eats said...

Hi Andy

Yes the cups are v.pretty, and yes there are two Andy's :), as to your level of public service? I have no idea :P

dave said...

looks like a fractels cake or is it fractals

dave said...

Clare Eats said...

:) yeah I agree, esp the way it seems to be trying to "escape" on the inside!

pinkcocoa said...

hey clare
I am sorry to hear about the bad service you had! I have always been sceptical about the services in Chinatown. *sigh* It's these ppl who made people think we Chinese ppl are a rude bunch! >.<
I love your pretty plate btw :-D

Clare Eats said...

Oh Pink cocoa!
It is so nice to hear from you. BTW I dont think that chinese people are rude! I just thought that girl was stupid and ruined what would have been a really good experience otherwise. (I was really excited about the cheesecake). I wish she had of just apologised on the phone.

I love my pretty plates too :) I am so glad you like them

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Hey Clare
Yeah I haven't found Andy's bakery staff particularly friendly. Which is quite strange really, given that they are the newest kid on the block.
And like you, I have a thing for matcha goodness too. I have a heap of photos I have yet to post.

Clare Eats said...

Hi AG,
Sorry to hear that you had bad service too,it is such a pity though as their cakes can be quite tasty. On Friday night we walked into Y2k and didn't hardly look sideways at Andy's Bakery.

Anonymous said...

Stoopid people STINKKK!!!
f@ck off and leave my sister alone!
You think you are sooo good, but you suck!
Only your Matcha is good.
PS. Clare you must take me for matcha cakes
and I found out how to make chai.
I'll tell you on sunday.....
put more Kiri on!!!! Kiri rocks!

Posted by jada

Anonymous said...

Your are soooo funny!
If you come I will take you :) 

Posted by clare eats

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