Sunday, May 29, 2005

chocolate from the long white cloud

My Mother has been looking after her sister in N.Z. and she brought us back some delectable 70% cocoa chocolate with kiwi chunks. Mmmm this is good, not to sweet, and the kiwi adds a nice tartness too offset the bitterness. I was hoping for some more kiwifruit in it, but actually I really dont mind at all.


Michèle said...

Hey Clare, I could feel my mouth pucker at the 70% cocoa part! Chocolate and kiwi sounds like an unusual combination, but you've certainly given me a craving.. Bad girl :)

Clare Eats said...


70% cooa is caseys favourite :)
The good thing about it is you can't eat as much

AlohaMa's Kitchen said...

Aloha.. sounds so good! Send me one and I'll send you Hawaiian chocolate.... the best in the whole world and I will explain it later but...yummy I want to take bite of those...*SMILE*

Clare Eats said...

Hello Alohama :)

Sounds like a great deal!... except for 1 slight kink in the deal. I cant buy this chocolate in Australia, and my mother only gave me one block (grrr)

anything else you might like to swap?

T said...

what a cool combination! sounds yummy indeed. ha, too bad 70% wouldnt stop me from over-indulging!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Tanvi :)

It seemed to go a long way... 2 of us shared it for 3 nights.... so that isnt to much at all... (apart from having it for 3 days :P )

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