Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Matcha Marshmallow

"wind's green tea" marshmallows

These Matcha Marshmallows were very kindly gifted to me by Karen, a work mate of Casey's.
I was so excited, look how green they are. The marshmallow was nice and soft and the filling was sticky and sweet and sour. They were yummy, but I felt they were more lime flavoured than tea flavoured. So I was alittle dissapointed about the tea flavour, but I would still eat them as Lime flavoured.


molly said...

Right now, that sounds pretty perfect. I don't like marshmallow usually but when it's with a chewy candy, especially tea flavored, I'm in.

Nice blog, and thanks for stopping by my little site.

Clare Eats said...

Hi Molly!

Thanks so much for coming to my little blog... it is not nearly as polished as yours yet..... :)

The Matcha Marshmallows were very moresih! if only I'd had more than 2!

With the filling they arent' really like "normal" masrshmallow at all.

Reid said...

Hi Clare,

Love matcha...I'm sorry this didn't taste so hot. At least they looked good! =P

Clare Eats said...

Hi Reid!!

So glad you came to visit :)
The marshmallows were nice but not really matcha flavoured, I don't know why they didn't just call them lime flavoured.


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