Saturday, May 21, 2005

Has My Blog Jelled? lychee jelly parfait

Lychee Jelly, Vanilla Ice cream and Chocolate Chilli Tim Tam Parfait

Ooh Jelly.....
This awesome Is My Blog Burning(IMBB) event being hosted by Elise of Simply Recipes

Well for this, my first IMBB event, I decided to go way old skool (older than me :) ) and start off at an easy pace so that I will have room to expand on future IMBB events (or that's what I am telling myself anyway). Actually I should blame Reid, as I have become refixated on Tim Tams after I sent him some =) lol.. Whilst this might be true, we still think that the parfait tasted great, and looked great, what more can you ask for?

Casey loves Lychees and Jelly, I am not a huge fan of artifical colouring and perservatives, so in an effort to rehash two of his favourites, I realised that if you gel a can of lychees you get awesome jelly (without artificail stuff and you don't need to add extra sugar).

So all this parfait involves is using gelatine powder to set a tin of lychees (to manafacturers directions), the best vanilla ice cream you can get your hands on, and about 3 crushed chill chocolate tim tams (if you can avoid eating them straight), layer the ingrediants and serve. Simple.


pinkcocoa said...

hey clare
this looks yum!!!! Hmmm the thought of having something crunchy with ice-cream and oh my! Lychee jelly...wahhhh *yum yum yum* & *slurp*
uh-oh, I think I am gonna miss out on this particular IMBB...unless I can post up a late entry o_O...

Clare Eats said...

Thanks Pinkcocoa..
It was really good :)
It was just really easy, I think I might post my foolproof way to set jelly though..

If you read this, go for it grl!

Elise said...

Hi Clare,
What a wonderful combo and a great way to use lychees!

Jennifer said...


I've been trying to make myself like lychees. This will give me another reason to try them again! Great idea.

Nic said...

Hi Clare. I love lychees, so I'll have to use them a bit more this summer. No chocolate chili tim tams to be had here in the states, though. Perhaps the next event should be a worldwide attempt to produce homemade tim tams!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Elise,

Thankyou it did work well.

Hi Jennifer
Lychees are great, this is a good way to use tinned lychees because you dont waste the beautiful juice, if you try it please let me know.

Hi Nic,
I think that sounds like a great idea. You could relpace them with chocolate or other biscutis that are coated in good chocolate

Lex Culinaria said...

mmmm....chocolate chili tim tams. I clearly left Oz too soon. sniff.

Clare Eats said...

Hi Lex :)

mmm they are gooood too.. and there are also blackforest one as well but I havent tried them yet.

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