Friday, July 08, 2005

Clare and Margs Salmon Ravioli

I promised Amy that I would write a poem for her poetry contest. Well, I thought that I would not pain you with one of my poems but would get casey to write one for me. Well... I dont know whether you would win or lose yet. ha!

If you love or hate my poem please go and vote, voting lasts for the next 5 days!

Salmon Ravioli
There is nothing more tasty
Than fresh made pasta pastry
And there is nothing more yummy
Than seafood in my tummy
So Put Ricotta, herbs and Salmon
In your pasta, and start boilin'
To your delight you will find
That nothing rhymes with ravioli

One of the best things about staying in Tathra is that I get to cook with Marg. It doesnt happen that often but when it does it works out very well. I think I might drive her alittle crazy though because she is a precise cook whereas I am very imprecise LOL. Oh Well, especially when brillance like this happens. I make the filling and the sauce, and help roll the pasta sheets, whilst marg wraps the ravioli and cooks it. Perfect!

This ravioli is easy to make although a little time consuming. But it is definately worth it!

Make some fresh pasta sheets and roll them out in your pasta machine.

For the Filling
Mix 200gms of diced smoked salmon, 300gms of fresh ricotta, half a bunch of finely chopped dill and parsley, 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic, 1 finely choped chilli, pepper, 1 tbsp of finely choppedcapers, 4 finely chopped anchovies and a couple strips of finely chopped lemon peel. Mix together and let it masercate for 1/2 and hour whilst the pasta is made.

Fill the pasta (How ever you want)
Cook in lots of boiling salted water. Serve with this sauce

4 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
1 big spoon of capers
1 big slice of lemon rind, thinly julienned
3 anchovies
1 lemon, Juiced
1/2 bunch of dill
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Freshly Cracked Pepper
Grated Italian hard Cheese (I used parmesan)

Put a big pot of salted water to boil. When Boiling add pasta and cook til al dente.

In a small nonstick fry pan put a generous 1 cm of olive oil, turn on the heat to low. Add the garlic and let the oil infuse with the garlic. After a few minutes add the lemon rind, capers and anchovies and dill, let this infuse as the oil starts to increase in heat.Add the lemon juice (be careful it might splatter) and pepper. Drain the cooked pasta, put back into the pot, add the sauce and some grated italian hard chesse. Toss well and plate up.


Amy said...

LOL Clare, this is so funny. :) I love "nothing rhymes with ravioli" and the sauce sounds wonderful. Thanks for entering and good luck!

Stephanie said...

There's an excellent chance Matt would love this...I better check!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Amy
It was getting late.. hence the easiest pasta sauce ever ;) Sorry my entry was so late....

Hi Stephanie
If Mat likes Pasta and Smoked Salmon HE WILL LOVE IT! I don't know if I stressed just how good it was... let me know if you make it, make sure to use nice fresh ricotta :)

Amy said...

Hey Clare, guess what? Voting started this morning and you're winning! Yay clare! Of course, voting ends next week but you're off to a strong start.

Clare Eats said...

Wow Amy that is crazy! oooh
please guys keep voing for me!

farmgirl said...

Hmmm. One look at that photo and I KNEW I shouldn't read the recipe. Knew it! It is lunchtime, I am starving, and yet absolutely nothing sounds good--except those raviolis!
I will definitely have to try making them them one of these days. And it's a perfect excuse to finally use that neat little ravioli press thingie I just had to have years ago and have never used! Yum, yum, yum once again Clare!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Farmgrl
well I if you have a ravioli press get to it! It would be much easier than Marg having to roll them by hand :)

They are REALLY GOOD :)

Lex Culinaria said...

that looks great. I've been wanting to do a seafood ravioli for a while now. The sauce sounds fantastic!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Lyn
The sauce is really easy and good, if you arent worried about alittle good olive oil that is.

The salmon ravioli were sssoooooooooooo goooooodddd! and easy

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