Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kayak Kiri Kayak

I finally have an email address for eatstuff!

Feel free to email me and say Hi!

Here are some more country Pics
Wallagoot Lake
Jelly Fish
My Huge Flathead Ha! Flathead are a good eating Australian fish.... they need to be 33 cm to keep them, this monster, oh about 5 cm... but he was cute
The lovely Michele of Oswego tea inspired me to take Kiri out for a Kayak. Did he freak? No, of course not. He loved it.

Kiri walked around the kayak (the cat who knocks everything over) and was dripped on with cold water, he HATES water.... and he didnt care. I am still in shock.

Stay tuned for a post on the most *sigh* worthy Smoked Salmon Ravioli in the morning.


Michèle said...

So so cute.. what a fabulous kitty, getting a tan and soaking up the rays.. I can't believe he didn't go nuts in there. Glad you all had fun though, nice pics too :)

farmgirl said...

Okay, Kiri is just TOO CUTE in that sweater, at the beach, on a LEASH! And then in the KAYAK!

Please, oh please, send my cats some of whatever he eats! I can't even get my DOGS on a leash.

That jellyfish photo is absolutely amazing. Looks like you are definitely enjoying your holiday! :)

Clare Eats said...

Hi Michele
It is all thanks to your idea. He loves going outdoors. I;m glad he didn't go nuts either :)

Hi farmgrl

LOL when you put it like that it sounds really funny. We started him on the leash as soon as we got him... and he never minded..I think the next day we started him in the car. But I think the cincher is that he is an indoor cat so he is more people orientated than he would be. which is awesome but sucks too.

AyDot said...

Flathead? Where? Ohh I thought you were putting that on the hook not taking it off :)

Farmgirl is right... "jellyfish photo is absolutely amazing"

Clare Eats said...

Hi Aydot

yeah the flathead was very small lol and you couldnt put it on the hook you would get into lots of trouble! That one went straight back in after I took a picture see the pretty blue spots?

It was pretty funny I didnt even realise I had a fish on til I reeled the line in.

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