Saturday, July 09, 2005


Cat food bloggers unite every weekend and share photos of your gorgeous kitties with us!
If you would like to be included, just leave me a comment with your permalink!

I told you last weekend that the poor sleeping 17 year old Taffy would not get much of a rest!
Poor Kiri is absolutely in awe of Taffy and just wants to play, but playing to him means trying to jump on taffy and roll around and run after him grabbing him on the tail. Taffy responds by grumbling and growling like the the old man he is. Well I know who wont be sad to see us go. But I think he really will miss Kiri, how couldnt you? Most of the family have come to realise that Kiri is our little baby... and he will be the only one for awhile yet! But Casey's grandmother said " he is very nice dear, but a real great grandson would be much better" What can you say to that?

Can you believe this is the fifth weekend of Kitty pictures? (longer if you are Indira of course!) I can't that's for sure. I am so glad I am doing this though as I am going to have the best memories and photographs of my baby growing up, even if he is being naughty.

Check out Kittaya, and his pals Lucky and Ace at Mahanandi
Check out 4-1/2 pound Molly Doodlebug at Farmgirl Fare
Check out Springheel Jack and Gummitch at Tigers and Strawberries

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Indira said...

Time is on your side Clare. :)It's Saturday already in AU and still Friday morning here in US. Kiri and Taffy look gorgeous as always.

Clare Eats said...

I know...
that is why I always feel so slack posting after you! I was determined not to again :)

Luckily they are both still in one piece

farmgirl said...

Too cute! Too cute!

Nic said...


Clare Eats said...

Hi farmgrl
I dont think taffy thinks so :)

Hi Nic
yep if only they could be friends

Ana said...

Well! I guess I'll have to take some pictures of Ms. Beije. Kiri and Taffy are gorjeous.

Clare Eats said...

I think you definately will have to as well! :)

Stephanie said...

I've thought about posting pix of our kitties, but they're just not as photogenic as yours! :)

Clare Eats said...

Stephanie all kitties are gorgeous :)
Kiri would LOVE to meet them

farmgirl said...

Hi Clare,
Okay, I have my kitty pic up. This time it's 4-1/2 pound Molly Doodlebug. Here's the permalink:

Will add yours and other cat links to my post soon. Running a little behind--birthday recovery. . . :)

P.S. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!
P.P.S. I left two comments at Brownie Points on Frenchie's post, but they didn't appear. Can't figure out how to let her know I think comments are disabled.

J said...

they are adorable!

boo_licious said...

Clare, this is a great idea and I love everyone's pixs of their cats! So cute. Must try and take some pixs of my naughty felines and participate in the nxt round.

farmgirl said...

Hi Clare,
We have a new Cat Food Blogger! Barbara (and her 7 kitties) at Tigers & Strawberries have joined us. See Springheel Jack & Gummitch at
P.S. And don't miss her delicious post on enchiladas verde!

Ana, Stephanie, and Boo licious:
We can't wait to see your kitty pics, too! :)

Clare Eats said...

Hi J!
I think so too!

Hi Boolicious I cant wait to see your naughty kitty pics :)

Hi Farmgrl
Thanks for letting me know. The problem with enchiladas verde is that we cant get tomatillos in Aus :(

I agree too.. cant wait to see those kitty pics!

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