Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Railway Junction Hotel, Wolumla

Railway Junction Hotel
Proprietors: Paddy & Debbie
Phone: (02) 6494 9213
Scott Street Wolumla just off the Highway, half way between Bega and Merimbula
Sapphire Coast
South Coast
New South Wales NSW

Well the outlaws decided to take us to one of their favoured dinner locations, the Railway Junction Hotel in Wolumla. Wolumla is a sleepy but very cute town about 20 kms from Bega. Case and I had been there once before and had enjoyed a beer, we were both wondering what the food was like. M rang up and made a booking (she made sure to tell me to tell you to make a booking if you go) and yes we had a booking for 6:30 pm. You have to remember this is the country and they eat much earlier out here. We made the very pleasant drive out to the hotel, and walked in. I was wondering where is the railway? Isn't this the Railway hotel? Well it seems that Prime Minister Parkes (along time ago) had promised the town a railway stop after visiting the cute little town, but had never come good on the promise.

We had a look at the menu, Ooh steak and Kidney Pie! M& D cry (I secretly shudder), But I spy Chicken Wolumla and Case the Fillet Steak. We notice that there are only 2 people in the kitchen, but that the meals every one are receiving look good. We decide that a bottle of wine would be rather nice and choose a good red shiraz (old vintage and cheap but I can't remeber which one). We sit and chat and drink, we get hungrier and hungrier and realise that our bottle of red is gone, oops. We decide that a sparkling shiraz would be nice with the meal, it is again nicely priced. Then out comes the Steak and Kidney Pie, Wow. It looks really good, especially for the reasonable price of $14. This is where I make the embarrasing omission that I have never ever, ever had a S&K pie before. M shrieks... you just have to try this. So with tepadation I take a mouthful, slowly put it into my mouth and bite down. Then I start to chew and taste it, I think I may have cooed. Wow, it is good! Yum! Then out comes Case's Fillet steak with Prawns($20) which he ordered Medium Rare. It came out cooked to order and very tender, but he would hjave like the prawns hot to go with the meal. I was feeling left out at this time even though only a minute had passed as all the meals looked so good. Then the room became quiet, there may have an "ahhh" in the background and I was served my chiocken Wolumla($16). Gee! it is big and smells so good. I taste the veggies, fresh broccoli, potato gratin, mashed pumpkin and corn... all fresh and good. I cut into the chicken, there is grilled chicken, prawns, brie, avacado and hollandaise sauce on rice. It is GREAT! The room became quiet as we ate and drank, gee life is good! Well I didn't finish the meal but I felt great. The "Men" played pool and were happy.

There is a great variety in pub meals, from really cheap and crap with frozen veggies to over priced wanky yuppie crap. The meal we had at the Railway Junction Hotel was right were a pub meal should be, good food, fresh and of a high quality. If you are in the area you should definately make the trip out to Wolumla, you wont be dissapointed. But remeber to let them know you are coming, as it can be packed on the weekends.


eatzycath said...

one of the reasons i like australia is cos' its got really cute names for places.. wolumla (2nd syllable accented, maybe?) sounds like an easy-going kind of place

Clare Eats said...

Hi Eatzycath :)
Yep you are right... many of them are koori names. The second symbol is just alittle bit accented...

I think my posts are getting more and more "country"

It is a really nice place, beautiful, easygoing and friendly. The front of the pub looks over a field with cows :)

Sam said...

you are braver than me.
I still don't think I can do steak and kidney pie.
Yes it looks yummy, but I just can't bring myself to try kidneys again.

I'd just eat the pastry crust - how's that?

Michèle said...

Hi Clare,
that was some trip! all the food sounds great even though I've never tried steak and kidney pie either.. I like your "country" posts. It shows us a side of the world many of us know little about!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Sam...
I was so scared.... I still dont think I will have it again though, :)

Hi Michele
I am glad you like the country posts :) But I am still here so there will be a few more yet! It is really pretty down here and so relaxing.... and soooo sllloooooowwwww LOL I have pics of Kiri kayaking for you yet ;)

Amy said...

I agree with Michele, Clare. I love reading about your adventures in the Australian countryside since it's a place I'm competely unfamiliar with. Keep 'em coming!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Amy
I am so glad that you like it too.
I will be putting some more "location shots" up so that everyone can see how pretty it is.

Reid said...

Hi Clare,

Did you eat all of that yourself? =P

Looks so delish!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Reid
:P noo I didnt... I suppose you get that all the time though.. LOL

I couldnt even eat nearly all of mine the chicken Wolumla

It was really good though

farmgirl said...

Yum, yum, YUM! What a great place.

I, too, have to pass on the kidney part of the pie. But that crust is gorgeous, and I could always just pick out the pieces of steak. . . : )

Clare Eats said...

Hi Farmgrl
The food was so good! Pity that we didn't get any of the deserts but we were just too full. It was only $4 or $5 for sticky date pudding..mmm

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