Monday, July 11, 2005


Yes! That's right you heard it here first.. or second maybe :) I am a judge for the very prestigious Does My Blog Look Good In This Food Photography contest that is being held for this month at Lex Culinaria by the very sweet Canadian Lyn. The other judges are

of Lex Culinaria

Anthony of Spiceblog

Clare of Eat Stuff

Melissa of The Traveller's Lunchbox

Clement of A La Cuisine

So I expect an entry from all of you
. Ok! Go on Hop to it. This is where the rules are and where you post your entry.

Remember to vote at Beauty Joy of Food in Amy's Seafood Poetry Contest

I will post the rest of my Tathra tales tomorrow.. as we are very sadly back in Sydney... at least Taffy might get a rest now LOL.


Nic said...

Any chance of, er, swaying your vote? Hehe, just kidding, Clare. Have fun judging - I'm sure it'll be tough!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Nic :)
I think it is going to be really tough!

eatzycath said...

looking forward to submitting an entry soon!

Clare Eats said...

Dont forget eatzycath! :)

Amy said...

Ooh, you get to be a judge. Have fun looking at all those yummy photos! Maybe I'll get my act together and submit something.

Clare Eats said...

you should definately get your act together and submit a photo!

McAuliflower said...

Ohhh, we should send you bribes, er I mean care packages of goodies too shouldn't we?

Clare Eats said...

Hi Mc Auliflower lol :)

farmgirl said...


I was not familiar with this and now plan to submit an entry. Thanks for telling us about it. And have fun judging!

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