Monday, July 04, 2005

Picnic Point Picnic

As I have said numerous times already, we are on holidays! Wohoo...
Lyn and I have been talking about how nice it can be to get back to the bush. So think of this post as a little taste of Australia.

After our trip to the markets we decided to head out to a favoured picnicing spot, Picnic Point. It is in the Mimosa Rocks NP and is gorgeous. We started off on a walk on the beach and over the rocky point. We came around to little beach and there were no footprints *sigh*. We came back to put the fire on for the snags and enjoy a glass of red whilst we waited for the fire to mellow.

We stuck the bratwurst snags from the local butcher on the fire and enjoyed my fennel salad whilst they cooked. This fennel salad is fantastic, it is juicy sweet and crunchy. It is perfect for a picnic, bbq especially if you serve it with fish.

We put some fresh Banksia flowers into a mug and poured some hot water from our billy on to them, we let it steep for a minute. This gave us a slightly sweet and very yellow brew to ingest.

As the sun started to go down we set off back home, happy and content after our repast in the bush.

Fennel Salad
1 Fennel, thinely sliced
1 apple, thinely sliced
a few stalks of celery diced
1 red onion or a few spri g onions, sliced
lemon juice, olive oil salt and pepper

Mix together and enjoy!
I said it was good, not hard ;)


Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Fennel salad? Sounds delicious!

Sounds like your weekend was a lot quieter than mine. The Good Food Show was ker-razy on Sunday! But lots of fun...

Clare Eats said...

Hi Ag

I bet it was... I sooooo wanted to go, but Picnic Point and Candelo Market was pretty good... but the cincher is the rest of the week down here too ;)

Stephanie said...

Wow - those flowers into tea! Cool picture. Was it good?

Clare Eats said...

Hi Stephanie
It was ok.. sweet and flavoured but not too strong, it was the prettiest colour though

Ana said...

Clare that sounds like a scrumptious salad. I've eaten cooked fennel and liked it. I'm kind od scared of the licorice taste of raw fennel, but I'm tempted to give it a try.

Clare Eats said...

Hi Ana
Raw fennel doesnt have to be really licoricey, this one wasnt just a hint and sweet and juicey. The lemon juice and the celery and apple just set it off really well, just taste the salad to make sure the proportions are right. The salad was so good there was none left to take home! If you make it let me know please.

Nic said...

Hi Clare. A picnic was really a good idea. And at a place called Picnic Point? How could you resist?
I love fennel. I'll have to get some to make this salad because it sounds like the *perfect* outdoor salad.

Clare Eats said...

Hi Nic..
I know what a name. It is so beautiful too... and no one used to know it existed... ooops. You can camp there as well.

I hope you try the salad :)

Amy said...

This salad sounds like perfect beach food. We picnic at the beach (FL) almost every weekend with our friends. Next time, I'm bringing this. Thanks, Clare!

Sam said...

Banksia flowers - ooh - how exotic.
we wanted to go to Oz for christmas and new year but the airline tickets are over $2k so we can't afford it :(

Clare Eats said...

Hi Sam :)
Australia at christmas would be very nice. I can't believe the tickets are so expensive WOW. It must be the christmas price hike.... they are normally about $1500AUD from here.

Michelle said...

Clare, I love your pictures! Great idea to use collages. The food looks great!!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Michelle

Thankyou so much!
I wish I had of made 2 collages though... as I wanted to put a few to many beautiful photos in this collage...

Food always tastes better outdoors, especially in the bush :)

farmgirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos. Oh, I miss the ocean. Any ocean!

Clare Eats said...

Hi Farmgrl
Thanks so much! I love the ocean too

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you could make tea out of banksia. That looks really cool! 

Posted by Lyn

Anonymous said...

that is so funny lyn. I was just wondering if you liked this post.... and put it in my email reply. that is sooo funny! 

Posted by clare eats

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